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Lindo lugar para estacionar, de frente a la playa, hay baños, y comercios bien cerca
No hay sombra
Lugar muy tranquilo en la noche

Hermenegildo -33.66659, -53.26024

There is a spigot, but you can’t drive up to it (pad is blocked by a metal gate). This would be a good place for filling up bottles, but if you need to drive up and attach a hose to fill up your tank, this won’t work.

Spring lake park reserve 44.76717, -92.93624

Camping très calme mais pas beaucoup d’intimité, les emplacements sont collés les uns aux autres sans séparation.
Douches payantes 1$ (accepte uniquement les pièces de 1$)
Wifi rapide

Camping Orleans 46.99805, -70.81226

A packing lot good for all size RV, in front of the brewery. After a couple glasses of beer, we asked if OK to park overnight. The staffs were happy to agree. After more beer, we had a nice sleep there. it is close to highway, a little noisy, but not too much in night.

Kahnawake Brewery 45.40041, -73.68181

at this time, only come to this pin to cancel your tip for Ecuador. all other requirements were done across the border at the next pin 5k away in Peru do don't waste your time looking for help here.

CEBAF Peru-Ecuador border -3.49791, -80.21646

nothing here today. although we saw a few farther north checking northbound traffic only.

Police Checkpoint -3.54402, -80.11987

there is a sign here that says they don't sell to international plated vehicles, but we were able to fill our van and 2 Jerry cans here without issue. no unusual paperwork or extra costs. all fuel types sold today. we tried 2 others closer to the border, but they refused. we did see one super close to the border that said they would sell to foreign plated vehicles, but we had already filled up and didn't stop to ask.

PetroEcuador -3.56525, -80.05817

it was a quiet day here today at 9am. took us about 2 hours. close your tip for Ecuador at the other pin in Ecuador, then come here to do everything else. your exit stamp from Ecuador and entry stamp into Peru are in the same room. they will not let you enter if your passport expires within 6 months. insurance is required, 30usd for one month or 60 for 3 months, for your tip. the senasa building was open to import our dogs, they wanted us to deposit 99s for each dog into the bank. when we were there on a Thursday at 11am the bank that is at this border was closed, so they let us leave without paying. we were NOT asked about our health records or vaccinations, I only have 2 doses and read that 3 are required, but the health tent was closed. one woman got into the van to perform a visual inspection but did not ask our look for fruits and vegetables like other people had said they do when entering Peru.

CEBAF Ecuador-Peru Border -3.51039, -80.25071
Bryan Jones

Signs from the main road are in poor shape and easy to miss. Ablutions OK but need an upgrade and not a lot of shade at the campsites. N$175 pppn is overpriced as electricity was not available 24/7 and the other facilities do not warrant this price. No welcome from on site manager.

N'Kwazi Lodge -17.86627, 19.90673

From here you see the lines. Nothing special and for free.

Nazca Lines II -14.70639, -75.10119

We stayed for one night and felt very safe. The community workers were very friendly and helpful. There is a clean toilet to use.

Tambo Huray Huma Ministerio Vivienda -14.56377, -73.55818

Fox River Natl Wildlife Refuge
Fox River National Wildlife Refuge, Montello, WI 53949
Rather small but level lot wide open and visible from road
Just a bit North at the John Muir Park is a Water bottle fill station and drinking fountain along with vault toilets. Water may only be accessible during warm seasons Park hours are 5a-10pm

AT&T internet is ok at 10Mb Dn, 7Mb Up

Fox River Natl Wildlife Refuge 43.68337, -89.39625

Fantastic spot on a seaside hill with a great vieuw. Enormous thunderstorm and continu lightning gave the spot a very special vibe.

beautiful wildcamp next to sea 42.79318, 17.78834
Des routes & nous

Very nice place to stay. 48 cedis for two for tent or campervan. They do not have a proper place for overlanders but we parked under the palm-tree, was perfect. The bay is beautiful. There is a restaurant and a bar. They have a big garden. Shower with a bucket so cold but it's okay and dry toilets.

Escape 3 Points, Ghana 4.75001, -2.07813

Didn’t get the knock but instead got a slip left on my window. Don’t stay here.

Marineland Beach Park 29.66540, -81.21151

Worth the visit, specially when it is very hot because inside the canyon, it is fresh ! You had to have a ticket, same as Sossusvlei.

Sesriem Canyon -24.51880, 15.79954

150 per foreign adults and 50 per car. Worth the visit. You can sleep outsidd and come as day visitors, ask the day before the opening and closing gate hours ;-)

Entrance Gate Soussusvlei -24.48685, 15.80093

2x4 parking obligatory so shuttle at 180pp or hitchhiking ;-)
but if you have a 4x4, deflate the tyres and follow one shuttle not to be stucked in the deep sand (some tracks are not easy to find alone and we show some tourists unfortunately stucked with their 4x4 :-( )

Deadvlei Parking -24.74754, 15.29150

Nice campsite. Close to road. Fits 2 vehicles.

Dispersed campsite 37.39825, -108.21255

Perfect place and really helpful friends they really helped me fill my Ecuadorian gas tank (in all la paz was impossible to do) and not only that but the also have a working car workshop 👌🏼

Camping Las Lomas -16.52769, -68.05064

Yep, a gas station that's expensive. The pump didn't shut off automatically so if it starts to sound full, it is, pay close attention so you don't overfill.

Denio Junction 41.95211, -118.62654

Great camping up and down this road, although a bit exposed. The road in was washboard but the road and sites were hard packed gravel even in the rain (unlike the salt flats themselves). GPS wanted me to turn at the first right to the salt flats (which has a turnaround at the end if you do that) but if you have the map up it's obvious where to go. Happy camping!

Silver Island Mountains Byway 40.78323, -113.95087

It is an hostel and a camping near a main road so it is noisy. We parked our van here in grass for 30s ppn for camping. Bathroom is clean and shower is hot. Wifi is fast. 5min walk to the center.

L'hotel/camping est à proximité immédiate du périphérique donc ça peut être bruyant. Nous y avons campé dans notre van pour 30s ppn. La salle de bain est propre et la douche est chaude. Il y a le wifi. C'est à 5min à pied du centre historique.

Hostel Las Mercedes -16.40033, -71.54233

Puesto de Gasolina, restaurante y gomería

Felicetti -28.38603, -53.26135

Super accueille et super services. Didier et ces gars nous à beaucoup aider pour réparer la moto. Ça été simple et amical. Nous y avons même rencontré d'autres voyageurs. Merci pour tout!

FRED Garage, Yaounde (Dragage) 3.89290, 11.51005

Gustavo was a very nice and professional guy. After we had a big problem with the electrician in San Martin, we came here to fix it.
We had to wait more than a week to get an appointment at the workshop, and we stayed there for three days. Gustavo allowed us to work on my Defender together, and we slept in the workshop yard for three nights.

Gustavo foi um cara muito legal e profissional. Depois que tivemos um grande problema com o eletricista em San Martin, viemos aqui para consertá-lo.
Tivemos que esperar mais de uma semana para conseguir um horário na oficina, e ficamos lá por três dias fazendo o serviço.
Gustavo permitiu que trabalhássemos juntos no meu Defender e dormimos no pátio da oficina por três noites.

Bosch car service / mecanico -40.76224, -71.63737

A restaurant from travellers to travellers! The owners of the place are a couple that travelled around americas for 2 years. They are really nice!!! And, of course, the food is spetacular! And they give discount for overlanders!! yupii

Volta ao Mundo Restaurant -29.73245, -52.42772

Big parking lot near the park. We were alone. Quiet night. The school is on the other side, no problem.

Weyburn Car Park 49.67153, -103.84470

View point with proper parking and amazing view around.
In daytime crowded with people enjoying the view. In night time peaceful and safe.
Day time a shack is open for coffee, tea and Maggi.

Rayt Hill view point 24.56494, 73.57528

I stayed couple of nights at Tak-Taku after riding couple of weeks in Iran and I couldn't find a better place to rest and recover from the road. Mohammad is a great host who can show you places around or give you a great tips where to go yourself. He also helped me to maintain my motorbike. You can use safe parking for motorcycles and cars inside, sleep in one of comfortable rooms or outside in your car. There is also a kitchen where you can cook your own meals if needed, or you can join Mohammad's family for dinner, daily. When I'm back in Iran, I definitely visit again.

Tak-Taku Guesthouse 39.90478, 38.79542

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