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Still a good place to eat, try the soup for 7(Small),9(big ) +1 for tripes.
really good.

Cacao Village 4.56980, -52.46825

such a great spot to stay even more than one night. you have an outdoor kitchen with all its equipment, firepits, cool areas to hang around, a wonderful outdoor shower.... its 20$ per person. totally worth it!

Desert Rose Collective 34.07665, -116.52427

praça com uma fonte termal, lugar turístico bastante movimentado. nós quiosques tem banheiro grátis

Praça Pública - Caldas de Jorro -11.03350, -38.79371

11/6/22- They shut-off the water for winter. Good luck.

Pilot 41.61951, -90.78476

Local tranquilo e seguro para acampamento selvagem. Passamos um fim de semana sem nenhum problema.
Na entrada da praia tem um chuveiro e uma torneira.

Praia da Biologia -19.97309, -40.13875

Stinking Spring or Old Indian Hot Springs is a free roadside hot spring. It consists of 3 cement pools filled with naturally heated spring water. Be warned that (as the name implies) the sulfur smell is very strong and the area around the springs is somewhat littered with trash. It's still worth a stop, even if just to soak your feet for a few minutes, as it is a unique place with beautiful mountain views.

Stinking Spring 41.57624, -112.23378
Cerveceria Bellinghausen

I am the owner of Bellnghausen Brewery. We have a, small, craft brewery and tasting room with 4 rental cabins, 1 full hookup RV site, and room for several dry camping/vans.

Bellinghausen Brewery 32.09128, -116.57422

Large parking lot north of the Walmart. relatively quiet. Water spigot in the Walmart parking lot. We have stayed multiple days with no issues

Louetta Central 30.06606, -95.43107

Excellent parking. 20TL per night for a van.
Much better than the adjacent parking at the Mall.
Quiet, a lot of space, clean, guarded. Extremely friendly guardians.

Sanliurfa 37.15463, 38.78136

Yep - Walmart as usual. No signs. Great night.

Walmart 39.85877, -74.17784

camping is open. Others in Esquel were closed. electricity at the sites. tables and bbq. hot shower all day. price is now1500 per person and 1000 for campercar

Camping Nahuel Pan -42.90900, -71.28872

Open reasonable wifi and great ice creams!

El Pinito Helados Artesanales -34.60985, -68.34902

great huge flat place easily accessible for big rigs too. hidden from the road but you can heard it. seen Fox and mouses

Roadside -21.42293, -63.74495

some weird guys in uniform just before the curve! kind of pulled me over ,I was already wary ..he shake my hand and introduce himself showing the badge.I said nothing and left!!

Pulled over 8.75280, -76.53211

This shower was amazing!! Super great water pressure, and it got very hot (too hot even, but you can mix it with the cold. I only bought 1 token, but it was enough. Water starts as soon as you put the token in! The woman at the coffee shop was very nice.

Arena Cove Pier 38.91420, -123.70959

For the guys traveling on 2 wheels… the first section 20kms or so until the first bridge over the Rio grande is pretty good, lots of corrugarían but with some speed, lowered tire pressure and decent suspension you can glide right over that stuff. The surface is decent and plenty grippy with no surprises. After the bridge, the following 50kms have some nasty sections. It’s more or less all river rock (read marbles) and in some areas it’s quite deep, waiting to swallow your front end! The last 15kms would be the worst ( we met a guy months ago in Peru who got caught… broken collar bone and badly beat up bike. Be aware…

Ripio for 80 km -36.57219, -69.82846

Very basic dusty and today windy campground with basic sanitaries however hot showers are available (if you plug in the boiler 15 minutes in advance ;-) We paid 1400 Pesos for two with a campervan. Hosts are friendly and willing to help.
Asado Grill available.

Coquena Camping -23.73963, -65.50782

For the moto amigos… the first 15kms headed south have some very lose excessively deep river pebble sections, staying in the car tracks is ok but now and then you end up in deep stuff without too much warning… then it gets better but still rolling around on marbles with the occasional surprise deep patch until 50kms in. Once you cross the last bridge over the Rio grande things get corrugated but with good traction and you can pick up the pace without too many surprises and much better grip.

Ruta 40 Ripio start -36.03862, -69.72956

red water pump coming out of the ground. in front of the (currently) closed restrooms. next to a (currently) not working water faucet. all of the water faucets in this area are turned off for some reason. this is the only pump i found that works here at the visitor center (actually in the picnic area).

Red Water Pump 38.86820, -78.20307

Beware of scammers trying to charge you for "tickets". theres a guy that comes here before sunset time on a motorbike and tries to charge lonely foreigners showing his bank terminal as a "legit" proof. he threatens with police and gets angry if you take picture of him.

Karima's pyramids 18.53808, 31.82202

Paved parking lot surrounded of a huge grasarea near the lake. At the waterfront is a playground, picknicktables, restrooms and a doggy park. I spent a quite night here.

Chapman Park 43.15211, -75.89438

As previously described. Free. Bathrooms and water are currently not working.

Rocky Springs Site 32.08841, -90.79929

We don’t stay because the showers was closed. Only open 1h : 6-7pm .

Camping Municipal Puerto Piramides -42.64319, -64.96691

very nice place by the river. tables and garbage cans. shade and little cell signal.

Fireman’s Park 44.54492, -80.46442

Free dump station. Potable water at campsites.

Oasis State Park 34.25613, -103.34905

perfect view and pretty quiet later in the day. had a picnic and moved on. LTE reception is great.

Irish mountain scenic lookout 44.64253, -80.66460
Chateau Ski

Still open and a gorgeous spot. Help keep it open by cleaning up after yourself. We just drove our truck camper down. Easy access and lots of turnaround room.

Lake Superior, Ontario 47.05843, -84.76124

Amplo estacionamento em meio a Vila, banheiro publico aberto até as 17h. Energia é só falar com o Everton da CAT que ele fornece..

Vila Velha - Ilha de Itamaracá -7.78562, -34.86104

rocky path to get it in. windy. a little trash. expansive views. donkey poop. excellent AT&T

Valley Overlook 34.98436, -114.42930

Water spigot at Air and Vacuum station. Left, front as you enter gas station. Free.

Pilot Travel Centre 30.29396, -91.91517

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