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A vista é muito bonita.
Acesso fácil

está a 3km do centro da cidade, mirante com vista panorâmica

Morro da antena (São Vendelino) -29.36461, -51.38583
Two Dusty Travelers

So glad we stopped here! We were just looking for a stopover between Mbeye and Dodoma, but this well exceeded our expectations. The grounds are beautiful and the ablutions are pristine. We didn't hear any road noise, just nature sounds.

The highlight is the food - be sure to book ahead for dinner. Their ingredients come straight from the farm, some of the best meals we had on the road. The restaurant itself is restored from the original farmhouse walls and has lots of atmosphere.

The Old Kisolanza Farm House -8.14550, 35.41256

Going south, here it is (currently) not allowed for foreigners to pass, due to the security situation in the province. You have to go further east, via Kanaqin where there is another checkpoint which is very thorough.

Checkpoint without permission to go south 35.56322, 45.43475

Parking for vans and cars only. Must fit in designated space or will be ticketed. 24’ maximum length. Quiet and flat side street with walking distance to shops and restaurants. Many other vans here. Decent cell service. One block from ocean.

Garfield St and Christiansen Way 33.15963, -117.35371

430 now for a single room.
warm showers clean rooms and secured parking

Hotel Carmelita 17.99350, -92.93210
Cubby Van Life

Perfect stay in our little van, quiet and safe. We were welcomed after asking permission. Always fun to visit and look at the exhibits, almost like a nature park!

Bass Pro Shops 30.66578, -87.91087
Cubby Van Life

Large CG, really close sites.$22 a night, $11 with a pass for electric site. Dark and quiet. Hot showers. Nothing special, concrete pads, just a field of big rigs, but ok for one night. The smaller loop is roomier.

Gulf Islands national seashore 30.41142, -88.77959
Myriam Keyzer

Nice free parking. However we didn’t stay for our nights because of the music but stayed there every day to go to the beach. If you’re not to fussy for noise it’s a wonderful place: no one bother us.

Free Street Parking 32.14312, -80.75000

Banho grátis se abastecer, banheiros de primeira qualidade, bebedouro e torneira, wi-fi boa, falei com o rapaz do escritório permitiu usar uma tomada elétrica. infelizmente o combustível estava caro. Nos acompanhe no YouTube.

Nosso Posto Shell -11.74618, -44.90010

Lugar maravilhoso, de frente para a lagoa, lugar calmo e seguro.

Beira da Lagoa - by the lake -28.12932, -48.66758

Nice spot. A little too open for my tastes but I stayed here two days and nobody really seemed to mind.

River paradise -45.45427, -72.41031

Use this map to the campsite. This road is better.

Shigu Farm -13.90345, 29.33495

Everyone raves about this place and justifiably so. Reasonably fast Wi-Fi, nice hot showers, plenty of firewood to burn in either the indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. A nice kitchen and dining tables. Comfortable furniture where you can relax and recover. Love the honor system on beers, etc. There’s a washing machine with plenty of covered clothes drying space.

One thing to be aware of is that there are at least 6 large resident dogs on the property. You’ll want to watch where you step as there’s plenty of poop. My wife wouldn’t walk to the restroom at night as she was afraid to encounter the dogs in the dark. The dogs seem very friendly, we are “dog people” but again, just be aware.

If it’s wet, the grass will be rutted.

Very friendly hosts and we’d stay again.

Al Bosque Hostel & Glamping 6.22940, -75.49048

We stayed here only one night in our way to the north. Its a special narrow peace of land in the middle of nature, with a little village that looks very runed down. Got here at night and felt weird at the beginign but then we got to Kevins place and he was very welcoming and happy to have visitors after Covid. He told us about the preservation work that he has been doing and offered us the manatee tour but we didnt have time to take it. We shared some drum music with his cousin and him. Didnt charge us for camping but we gave him 15 BZ for the night. There are no facilities but wifi.

Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary 17.19147, -88.33402

parked here overnight with a few other camper vans. high way can get a bit noisy but overall great experience.

Seaside nature park 49.35893, -124.46846

Decent place to stealth. Spent a Thursday night here. There is property here that seems to be unoccupied. There are some talkative people that come and go past you and park around you, I believe because there is a bar down the the street. But after 11pm it’s quiet.
1 con though, I was parked on an angle, the curb where I parked had maybe 5-10 degree grade

East Side Street camping 30.25784, -97.71714

Great peaceful hostel and campsite. Car camp at entrance and tents at the back. Kitchen and bathrooms are at the back. We paid R30 per person per night.

Camping e Pousada Lakshmi -12.60938, -41.50032

Stayed one night in a van with no issues at all. Few boaters came in the morning early but not much of a bother. Plenty of grass for the pups and a nice lake

Dessie Smith Prescott Boat Ramp 29.00694, -82.61588

free established campground
firepits, showers, toilets,
not sure if the water is potable.
lots of room for every kind of vehicle
there was a 40 foot RV when we showed up, and everything from vans, busses, to people with tents. grab a spot by the water! it's perfect

road is sand and dirt coming in. might be difficult in the rain

Barrington County Park 31.47197, -81.60690

Really a nice campsite, many trees, very green, perfectly clean.
Yes, a bit noisy during the day, but ok in the night.

Ourika Camp 31.52683, -7.95909

Pretty much as described. Hot shower is a little small but included. Planes shut down at dusk. $40 (with AAA discount) is good value. Bit of a pain having to dump on the way out. One bar ATT but it worked fine.

Mountain Valley RV Park 35.10245, -118.42619

water tap available, nice view of the sea and lighthouse. There is one road that is used as a dogging location, but the main car park area under the palm trees is safe and full of other campervans

Punta Carretas Lighthouse -34.92852, -56.15951

This place is permanently closed.

Indian Stone -45.57842, -72.07753

Right in front of the Radisson and next to the pier (probably of the Radisson aswell) there was a guard all night long. Well lit. Just a couple of locals fishing here. Quiet night.
The guard of the Radisson parking lot told us, that it should be no problem for 1 or 2 days.

Parking Lot Next to Radisson Hotel 17.49353, -88.18103

This place is permanently closed.

Odoyo Hostel 12.16880, -86.76218
Trota Glober

Estacionamos en el área de parqueos está un poco descuidada pero el terreno está firme, nuestra RV mediana no tuvo inconvenientes en el ingreso. pagamos Q20 al día, se le pagan al vigilante que llega por la noche.
tiene tienda de conveniencia, agua limpia, baños.
teníamos cerca el muelle para lanchas a Livingston y otras playas cercanas.
acceso a restaurantes, lavandería, mercado muy cerca solo pasando el puente. puedes ir caminando o en tuctuc.

Shell Plaza Rio 15.65272, -88.99296

Had a good breakfast here. Located on the river. We will eat here again.

Jungla Jim’s (Jungle Jim’s) 26.89800, -111.96721

OATMAN BOONDOCK BLM I would stay here again. it's hard gravel for the most part. several fire pits scattered about. Off hwy 66 with city light views and stars at night and mountains by day. Was very quiet, did not notice road noise. The city lights are far enough away we could still spot satellites.

BLM Wild Camping 34.95830, -114.40929

Oatman BOONDOCK BLM I would stay here again. Hard gravel with a few soft spots. Scattered fire pits. City light views at night and mountains by day. City lights are far enough away stars and satellites can still be easily seen. I heard no road noise.

BLM Wild Camping 34.95829, -114.40922

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -45.56982, -72.06908

Cerveceria Tropera -45.56982, -72.06908

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