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excelente lugar para dormir, cerca de los restaurantes de Junin. hermoso y tranquilo

General Suarez Road -39.95255, -71.06547
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Still good. Signs everywhere saying authorized vehicles only so trusted that someone had asked. Police filling up didn't bother with us. Take a moment to check out city infrastructure sculpture under street sign. We'd visited it before on an Adventure Lab and it was fascinating.

City of Vancouver Dump Station 49.27281, -123.08687

We parked at this place and we Had a wonderfull Night in front of the river and with a beatifull view of the mountains. However it this by the road during the night there are almost no cars. Small city, very safe, friendly people around!

Campsite at capivari river -21.48517, -44.70717

very delicious steak we eat here they have also shavorma.

La Gargote 10.04817, -12.85818

We cannot share the good rating. no electricity, we had to connect our camper in the toilet. untidy and many things are broken. all the sanitary facilities are dirty. the location would be very nice.

Cabanas and Camping Catrue at Anticura -40.66588, -72.17548

Cops came by at 3am and told us to move. No overnight parking. They told us about a 72 hour lot between holiday inn and best western that would be fine, but no parking on Shelter Island on the waterfront overnight. Not sure about the other iOverander spot, when we passed it on our way out there were like 20 vans there so idk.

Shelter Island Parking Lot 32.71310, -117.22725

We were woke. Up at 3am by cops at another site on shelter island a few blocks away. They told us no overnight parking along the water front and told us about this lot where we could stay up to 3 days. Only bummer is it’s $12 a day paid parking, but at least it’s for sure legal. Between Holiday Inn and Best Western

72hr Cop Verified Lot $12 32.72615, -117.22464

Great supermarket with a wide selection and fair prices.

Carrefour -4.29048, 39.58536

Different rooms/houses with sanitary facilities. Restaurant, laundry service, Wi-Fi and parking available.

Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort -4.26076, 39.59527

Nice spot, heated bathrooms and sheltered from wind

12 hours parking ok on rest stop 45.60149, -118.50839

We arrived via bicycle . It looked closed but the entrance was open as was the toilet and (cold) shower block. There is water if you have a filter. We camped for the night and no problem except for the noisy highway. Met the maintenance guy Jose in the morning who spoke only Spanish and was very friendly.

Hwy#1 Campground 31.61790, -116.45333

We camped at the city park in November. The water was turned off at the park, but we found this pump house with a working spigot and long hose available so we could get fresh water for our RV. At the corner of Fillmore and Prospect Streets, next to historic bandstand. Just two blocks from entrance to city park/campground.

City Pumphouse 43.78582, -91.83420

We were the only campers here on Nov 5th. They had water turned off, but still have electric and dump station. Sewer hookups at each site, but we did not hook up. They are at the rear of the sites, and not an easy reach. We found the city pump house in town, just two blocks from the park - so filled up with water there.

Peterson RV Park (skoolies can park there) 43.78380, -91.83443

Basic rest area. No amenities. No trees so will hear trucks and passing cars.

Eyre Hwy Parking -31.40036, 131.05796

5 car parking lot for a small overlook with a picnic area. Next to highway 321, but not too busy late at night. No other visitors until well into the next morning. Great spot with a view and a place to eat.

C. R. "Doodle" White Overlook Park 36.31794, -82.06944
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Perfect spot with a great view. No water this late on the season. Washrooms fine, firepit ss for each site, great camping spots under trees nearby and fun to watch the surfing !

Jordan River Regional Park Campground 48.42106, -124.05290

ótimo local para passar a noite. seguro. Banheiros limpos

Posto SIM -29.77645, -57.03944

Quiet. Private. Coyotes yipping in the night. Would not drop down hill without 4wd and high clearance. Deep ruts and off camber. Drove to marked site. Flat pull off from ranch road between Juniper. Walked another mile to the end of road where there is a corral and water tank.

BLM 34.27602, -108.65757

Lovely place to stay, quiet, clean and comfortable with adequate wifi in a town where there is no cell phone reception.
Access up a dirt road just off the roundabout.
Easy walk into town for food (we ate at Alexandria’s).
Parked bikes just out the front of the room and sat back and admired the stunning views.

Motel Princess 28.95354, -113.56278

This place is permanently closed.

Vets and Peks Clinica Veterinaria 21.14380, -86.84782


Kernsville Dam Recreation Area Desilting Basin 40.56213, -75.99404

It’s a parking lot. Nice quiet place. Stayed for one night.

Bass Lake Dam 37.31158, -119.55474

Chegamos madrugadão e paramos para dormir. Muitos caminhōes parados e tem segurança. Passamos uma tranquila noite!

Samuara Gas Station -26.91704, -52.70391

Decent spot in town for the night. Some road noise from cars driving down the nearby street. Will likely stay here again while in town.

Coos Bay 43.36840, -124.21474

The campsite looks very nice. Free from wind. Nice and clean ablution. Good wifi. But it is very expensive. The price is now 350nd pppn. We had to pay the pensionadas price of 250pppn, because of waterproblens

Lagoon Chalets And Camping -22.98045, 14.48688

Perfect spot for one night! Much better and same price than Brunos and Mar Marine! 75q per campervan. Amazing bathrooms with hot water, clean spot, nice staff, we enojoyed watching the big boats. You can hear a little bit the cars at the road but not as loud as Brunos.
We went to Livingston for a couple of nights and left the car parked at Brunos that is $25 per day and the colective boat can pick you up there.

Ram marina 15.65990, -89.00194

We didn’t slept here because there was too much noise from the road and the night club at front. RAM Marine is much better for sleeping but this is a good and cheap option to leave your car parked if you want to go to Livingston ($25q). The public boat can pick you up here (they can help you to book it)

Bruno's Hotel (Marina) 15.65992, -89.00200

Beautiful spot. Few other vans there for the night. Peaceful & perfect. Defs a 5 star resort for vanlife

W Beach Road 41.33634, -71.72187

Very nice refuge outside Villa Mañihuales. Owner is really cute and helpful. There is a basic kitchen with fridge. Hot showers and bathrooms are clean. No WiFi. We stayed with the van and it was no problem at all.
7000 pesos per person. We would stay again :)

Camping Tres Pinos / Las Margarita's -45.18488, -72.15951

Best coffee I found in town and some of the most reliable WiFi. Really friendly folks running the place. The breakfast is good too!

El Andador Cafe- Wifi 26.01040, -111.34264

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