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Vegetarian friendly. We discovered this restaurant thanks to an Iraqi friend. It is the best restaurant we have tested in the country for the moment. There is a large room for meat lovers. And a small room next door for vegetable lovers😉

Saj Alreef Restaurant 33.30905, 44.44223

Change money XAF to USD, EUR and other local currencies. Necessary for USD needed to enter Angola.

Credit du congo (for Angola visa) -4.79513, 11.85329

As the first one on the road was closed, I went there and it was super quiet, fine and with a nice view indeed. You'll probably see rabbits and hear a lot a birds.

Bush Camp Quilmes -26.47733, -66.02332

the best camping in Botswana so far 🇧🇼
camp 100pppn
rooms with kitchen 790 for 2

Tuuthebe Lodge -21.39770, 25.51540

Posto 24 horas com muitas comodidades. passamos aqui duas noites muito tranquilas. Banheiros livres, wi-fi livre boa, muitas torneiras, tomadas e muito espaço para estacionar. Veja nas fotos. nos acompanhe nas redes sociais.

Posto Santa Cecilia -6.36791, -43.97217

good car wash in the city center of Bandar Abbas, prices negotiable

car wash 27.18257, 56.26525

Yes, VISA worked here, good to know! Big filling station.

Tawaqal Petrol Station -7.79569, 35.69412

Novo posto. Ótimos banheiros limpos e com chuveiro quente. Amplo espaço para estacionar com bastante caminhões. Wi fi mediano mais perto da conveniência. Passamos uma noite. Tem restaurante, lavanderia, barbearia, lava jato, farmácia, açaiteria, borracharia, troca de óleo e até igreja! Passamos nos outros 2 postos que estão marcados aqui no app mas esse é o melhor.

Posto Jorginho -12.68318, -39.67346

This is one of those really tiny CB lots, so tight & busy I Don’t know how anyone could drive anything bigger than a van through there during the day. Security car parked. Pods take up all room on one side. Maybe when all the cars are gone at night.
CB on Hillcrest Pkwy 15 min south of here is great though! Very welcoming staff and clean, quiet area.

Cracker Barrel 36.77983, -76.23189

Did my visa extension here.
All in all fairly easy processs but still takes a lot of time.print out the visa extension form which is on their website and bring it filled out with you. I forgot that and somebody printed it for me there. It cost me 10625 kwanza. Lets see how long it takes until I get it. The other informationis correct also the information about the copy shop and the letter they write for you.

SME Visa Extension -8.83110, 13.22890

There’s a couple other identical places near by that were already full when we arrived, I guess this is because the ferry lands nearby?
Plenty of rubbish around
Lovely beach that makes that worth while

Park up by the sea 38.06852, 21.33289

We stopped on the street when we arrived in the city and found it to be one of the best spots in the city to watch the sunset and with a view of Villarica. We slept 3 nights in two cars and it was very peaceful. It is next to the city's Naval Prefecture and close to the city center. We recommend!

Paramos na rua quando chegamos na cidade e descobrimos ser um dos melhores pontos da cidade para ver o por do sol e com vista do Villarica. Dormimos 3 noites em dois carros e foi bem tranquilo. Fica ao lado da Prefeitura Naval da cidade e próximo ao centro da cidade. Recomendamos!

Sunset Boulevard -39.27573, -71.98057
Wendy & Graham

We changed $300CDN with no problems. Located at the Chango Mas - so you can do some shopping here as well.

Western Union -32.42270, -63.24372

Yassine had a look at my car on his day off quickly. Unfortunately we didn’t solve the problem so back today for more work. Very helpful and friendly

Diagelectro Autodak 23.69544, -15.93927

This place is permanently closed.

Hostel Maison de la Mer -33.05000, -71.62413

Perfect service for both our mobile homes. Michael, the head of commercial vehicle service told us which days would be available for us to come and have our campers serviced. It was perfect to have several days to arrive and upon arrival they immediately started to service them. As some filters were not available we returned next day to have them finish the job. A very reasonable price and even a discount for overlanders! Our mobile homes were even washed on the outside and the interior vacuumed. We highly recommend this Zawawi Mercedes Benz branch because of this superb service and friendly staff!

Mercedes Truck Service 23.60846, 58.50128

Arcoiris is owned and operated by Samuel (+569 674 530 61 -tel & whatsapp) It is situated in the town of Cochamo and a 5 minutes walk from the beach front. the camping is best described as a garden camping behind the house. it allows for up to 15 tents in the high season. but it also allows for cars and mini vans to enter the grounds. 7000 CLP p.p. p.n.

opened : October till April (closed from May till September)

the facilities are: 3 toilets, 2 showers (5 min hot water max). Kitchen area, where you can cook inside but you will need to bring your own stove. wifi available but only in an area of 5 meteen around reception. enough power sockets to recharge 20 phones at the the time. washingmachine.

maintainance: toilets are really clean. showers are clean, kitchen area is clean. camping area clean and well maintained.

it is a really nice and relaxed place to stay.

Hostal y Camping Arcoiris -41.49402, -72.30979

Great spot with a fantastic view! We stayed here overnight and it was very quiet the night.

near viewpoint el monito -50.34230, -71.52127

At the second floor of this building there is a travel agency where you can change your precious dollars and euros

Exchange money 34.92535, 72.87555

Reception of the Akagera NP.
Very friendly and helpfull people.
Prices 100USD pp for 1Night, means you can stay 2full days if you arrive in the morning, but Camping is another 25USD ppn.
Foreign Car 40USD

Akagera NP Reception -1.87875, 30.70347

Narrow residential roads for big trucks.

Heads -34.07957, 23.06246

no airplanes in the night. till around 22 it was very loud.

Walmart/Sams Club 25.78505, -80.33413

location by the lake, very very quiet during the week. Probably very noisy on weekends.
there is a small swimming pool. it is also possible to swim in the lake.
there is a very funny "belly and slide".
there is a large room to take shelter.
be careful on bikes, access can be long (height to get out).

Brakkeduine 4x4 Camp -34.14786, 24.63264

Definitely one of the better rest stops for overnight as there is a large auxiliary parking/ picnic area behind the main parking area. Wooded separation from main area so hardly any road noise and hardly any vehicles passing through. Facilities are acceptable but nothing fancy. Convenient quiet place to rest if passing through. Full ATT service.

95N rest stop 28.68657, -80.87549
Smart as a Goose

Tis a beautiful spot. We drove our full size truck and slide in camper. it was challenging! you need to push wires up to get in to the driveway in front of the rooms. We drove in from San Antonio not Xilitla.
we rented room number 2 to have a shower and toilet. Slept in our camper. It's way cold and rainy in November. the rooms are cold with no heater. 500 MX/ night for a room.

Villa Olaya 21.38713, -99.00823

Whatever this place is, it’s not a formal campground. It’s an artificial boat basin not cared for by anyone and as such it’s a brilliant wild camp on the Biloxi waterfront. I mind my own business even when walking my dog here which makes this an unbelievable free spot to spend the night among the lovers, sunset watchers, homeless, car dwellers and even one evening an undertaker in his hearse walking his dog. No facilities but in the night traffic on the highway evaporates and you can sleep as well here as in a forest. Or you can worry about what other people are doing. Your choice. I love it.

Broadwater lighthouse campground 30.39136, -88.96335


Passamos a noite no posto e foi tranquilo. Tomamos banho quente a 50 pesos por pessoa, muito bom. os banheiros são bem limpos. Tem uma loja de conveniências boa, sem muitas opções. O atendimento dos funcionários é excelente e o rapaz da loja é muito simpático. O sinal de wi-fi é bom. Bom lugar pra passar a noite.

YPF - No Showers in Jan 2023 -54.80698, -68.30118

Great camp ground. The best camping set up we have seen in Central America. Big (tall and wide) rear entrance for large rigs to enter the camping area (if your a standard size vehicle you can just drive in the front entrance and they will show you through to the campground). Ronnie owns and runs the place - super nice American man. He has done a really nice job building this area out for overlanders.
Nicely landscaped. Full concrete vehicle pads with water, power (for light charging), BBQ grill, concrete table and benches, light switch for individual overhead light all at each site. The restaurant/bar is super clean and neat with good typical Nicaraguan food. Given access to a clean bathroom with shower. $15 US a night. Two block up from the ferry terminal.

Southern Nights Nicaragua 11.45971, -85.79299

Bad experience as Paraguayan customs intended a shakedown, citing "regulations" about cash import. Asked for a "Multa" of 200 USD. I got out of it by insisting to see the law or regulations they pretended to quote. They offered to "reduce" the fine to 100USD, and finally let me go as an act of "kindness and leniency", as their whole argument had broken down.
Received a tourist entry for two weeks only.

Clorinda Border Crossing - exit Argentina and entry Paraguay -25.26430, -57.72238

nice quiet place, great views, a bit cold now due to high altitude

Pahrump BLM 36.21583, -115.94430

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