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Could not identify this place. No signs on road in supposed location so may no longer be in business.

Las Casitas -24.63443, -65.38722

Good place for a night. No noise. No circulation. The view in the morning is amazing. You can go to the Diablo bridge. You need to pass a lama field, don't forget to close behind you. There are a lot of place to park.

Bon spot pour la nuit. Il n'y a ni bruit ni circulation. La vue est magnifique et vous pouvez aller jusqu'au pont du diable. Vous devez passer un champ de lama. Il y a beaucoup de place pour s'arreter.

Gigantes Dormidos Wild Camp -22.91769, -65.54073

Parked here for the night, right off of blue ridge. Amazing sunrise view in the morning, and only a few people drove by throughout the night. Two other campers were also there. Bathrooms are available in the regular season but are closed in the winter, but there were still some porta potties that were decent. Cascade falls are right there as well. Overall, great place!

Jeffress Park Blue Ridge Parkway 36.24558, -81.45809

Arrived at 7 pm, exit Colombia, entry Ecuador and TIP for our camper done in just 3 hours, it was dark, we asked for permission to stay, o problem, people very friendly, spot surprisingly quiet, not much traffic during the night.

Ecuador Immigration 0.81416, -77.66454

wrong coordinates - this place is one block further south-west, see picture!

Automundo 0.82531, -77.70526

From all the Ioverlander points in the area, it is the only one where we have seen sea lions. The colony has at least 100 individuals, it is worth stopping.

de tous les points iOverlander de la zone, c’est le seul où nous avons vu des lions de mer. la colonie comporte au moins 100 individus, ça vaut la peine de s’arrêter.

Sea lions -46.51288, -67.46311

we wanted to go to the petrified grove of jamarillo from road 3 coming from the north and turn off on provincial road 93, but the access is closed by a padlock. it seems to be private, estancia la Délia.

nous voulions aller au bosquet pétrifié de jamarillo depuis la route 3 en venant du nord et bifurquer sur la route provinciale 93, mais l’accès est fermé par un cadena. il semble que c’est privé, estancia la Délia.

Road closed -47.26063, -67.26084

Petrified grove. Here the Guardaparque explain the history of these trees. There is a walk of about 2 km where you will stroll in the middle of the stone trunks, a very pretty landscape. On the RP 49 coming you will surely see guanacos and nandous. We also saw maras and gray foxes. The track is in good condition for all types of vehicles. By asking the Guardaparque you may be able to sleep on site. Free entry.

bosquet pétrifié. ici les guardaparque vous expliquent l’histoire de ces arbres. il y a une balade à pieds d’environ 2 km où vous vous baladerez au milieu des tronc de Pierre, paysage très joli. sur la rp 49 en venant vous verrez sûrement des guanacos et des nandous. nous avons aussi vu des Maras et des renards gris. la piste est en bon état pour tous types de véhicules. en demandant au guardaparque vous pourrez peut-être dormir sur place. entrée gratuite.

Bosque Petrificado -47.68279, -67.97402

Decent and clean. Has hot water and ok wifi. Near the center of town. Good for a day or two.

Hostal El Olímpico -10.66889, -76.77323
1,2,3 e foi

lindo camping, junto a um hotel, vista maravilhosa e próximo ao centro da cidade

Camping Arena Gruesa -41.86090, -73.82246

Previous comment is accurate. Place is peaceful and perfect to start the trek as you're already on the trail. Left my minivan here during the Quilotoa hike for free.

Starlight Inn -0.70673, -78.88002

A really good, safe place to stay a few nights. It was so convenient to have a place to come back to after a few days of checking out the city. Right by a walking path and houses, and off a road, so not very private, but I thought it was great. Could always find a place to park around 6-11 pm when I came back, in the morning there are lots of cars.

Burke-Gilman 47.66389, -122.29464

We just used the water spigot in this location (behind the sport's field, next to the restrooms), it wasn't locked.

Rumsey Park 34.24565, -111.33364

Water fill at Circle K gas station
40c for 1 gallon
$1.2 for 3
$2 for 5

Circle K 36.01952, -115.27784

See Info from q.bertin in 2020. It is still like this. I add picture from office for Passavant.

Border Police and Customs in Mauretania 21.33373, -16.94711

didn't need 4x4 or high clearance, but my rig is now 200m underwater. 1/10 wouldn't recommend

Costco 32.55594, -117.67719

Camping is in local sports centre with bright night lighting and noisy kids playing until late at night. Also the most dogs l have EVER experienced all barking at once.

Camping Municipal Villa Lorenzo -24.73327, -65.48532

Basic but rather lovely camping in the car park of the coffee drying facility. Coffee very good value at RWF6000/500g. As previously described. Charges are now:
Camping only RWF10,000 pppn
Camping + Long coffee tour RWF30,000 pp
Camping + Short coffee tour RWF20,000 pp.

3Dreams Rwanda Safaris Campsite -2.54583, 29.69923

Good place in the city. As previously described. Prices now $15 for 2 people per night. Camped next to a shelter which has lighting and power. Recommended.

Step Town Hotel -1.94115, 30.06523

Definitely remote. Two vans came by and a few pickups. No one stopped.
Looks like you could park on either side for several miles either way.
This is the Everglades and the Cypress Gardens.

Pine Forest Street 25.99418, -81.30361

Os banheiros para duchas estavam em reforma, os disponíveis não estavam legal. Estávamos em nossa van casa e ficamos no meios de caminhões , bastante barulho.

YPF -31.44887, -58.12947

Road is in very good conditions right now. A few km before laguna Cajas there is a locked gate. Possible to pass on foot or by bike only. Apparently to keep going by car you need to ask the land owner.

Laguna Cajas - 4x4 required -0.65920, -78.35972

Now there is basically one track to get here, very easy to follow and in pretty good condition, no 4wd needed some clearance helps but it’s not a must.

Laguna Santo Domingo -0.65715, -78.37857

If you are an experienced mountaineer, you are allowed to climb it on your own, you just need to sign a paper at the entrance check point and reserve the hut.

Cotopaxi climbing guide -0.68060, -78.43776

Very nice place surrounded by cactus 🌵. Friendly staff clean toilets.

Jardin Botanico 'Helia Bravo Hollis' 18.32741, -97.45438

Still available must pump gas if you want to stay over nigh and use the facilities we pumped 400 pesos and in was ok with the attendant. A bit noisy lots of trucks passing by.

Carls Jr, Truckstop 20.95376, -89.56734

Muy lindo lugar, con parrilleros y algunas mesas. Había un parador cerrado y estaban haciendo arreglos como para abrir en temporada. Pasamos una noche sin pagar nada. El arroyo muy lindo y con corriente pero se puede bañarse.

Very nice place, with grills and some tables. There was a closed parador and they were making arrangements to open it during the season. We spent one night without paying anything. The stream is very nice and with current but you can bathe.

Playa de Fraile Muerto -32.52004, -54.52761

nice quite spot with lots of parking space

parking seagulls -28.19778, 153.50432

Estación de servicio para pasar la noche

Agay -32.33636, -65.20544

We entered the area off Indian Pass Road. Got to Picacho after dark using GPS. Nice campsites. Only one other RV in the entire site and BLM Ranger was offsite. Raccoons were an immediate problem for us. Tried everything in the book to keep them at bay, but ultimately they created a mess pulling trash out of the can at our campsite. One of us was in a tent, and had to stow the tent, sleeping bag and pad into a jeep, and move to a different site and sleep in the cab. Not a fun experience, but we will return one day, hopefully a little wiser.

Picacho State Recreation Area 33.02250, -114.61677

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