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If you look at the post below that says closed for the season it was posted in November, when this campground is closed. It is not open for the winter season. It closes October 30 and opens back up in April.

Pine Flat Campground 35.02722, -111.73932

Certamente o melhor lugar para passar a noite na cidade. O estacionamento é muito amplo, e se durante o dia existem vários carros estacionados, durante a noite ficam somente os motorhomes e alguns poucos carro.
Sempre tem uns 10/15 motorhomes na vizinhança, e mesmo não tendo facilidades, ainda é muito bom. É um local plano, próximo ao centro de informações (onde tem internet) e também daAv. San Martin.

Ushuaia Parking Lot -54.80693, -68.30059

This was our first stop that we stayed more than one night, and we ended up staying for a whole week. It is very busy, and the beach sites were nearly full some nights. There are vendors that come around every morning with water, fish, bread, kayaks, etc. There are quite a few long term campers here, and I'd guess it would be hard to get a palapa much later in the season. We did see a few open up during the week. There are 2 restaurants. Armandos had a dj on Friday and band both Sundays we were here. The other restaurant also had some groceries for sale.

There are baños here but don't forget your toilet paper. There are no toilet seats or running water in them but still nice to have. There were a lot of families with kids while we were here.

Playa Santispac 26.76583, -111.88637

Nice camping, with great spots for tents above the cliff with sea views (the camping next door seems to have even better views). Nice owner as well.
6000 CLP / person

Vista Hermosa Camping -41.86071, -73.82330
LnB Roam Free

Gas staion next to the casino has great amenities. Free Drinking water, free dump station, dog park , propane, gas and good little market with slots.

Wintun MiniMart 39.25691, -122.03010

Not friendly but you can fill up, also have toilets.
180 per liter Super (for comparison, in Gobernador Gregores it was 156 the same day).

Private Gas Station -47.44445, -70.92627

we stayed 3 days here, in sunday the Pool and the area were totally full with people, but monday the Pool was closed and so the area was calm 😀
we paid 1.200 Pesos for 2 persons and 1 camper.
! the laundry service "Criss Lavanderia" (WhatsApp +54 9 387 591-2972) came to the campground and took our cloths at about 10am and brought it back at 8:30 pm
30 pieces (including bed linen) for 3000 Pesos👍

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81258, -65.41918

Criss Lavanderia comes to the Camping municipal and takes and brings the clothes & bed linen
see our post at the Camping municipal
Chriss Lavanderia
WhatsApp 387-4679177

Servicio de Lavanderia -24.81264, -65.41914

They wear black clothes which say „criminal investigation“. They stopped us and searched our van. We didn’t feel that comfortable. They asked us if we have any cash and asked if we go swimming, weird questions. She even checked and touched my bra and asked again if we have any cash. They searched some cupboards and our backpacks in the car.
We were just happy when we could go, not so good experience.

Inspection 22.77132, -105.67014
Where’s Oscar

This campground is NOT CLOSED.
It was a lovely fall day here. Warm daytime temps. Big herons and plenty of migrating birds. Only a few of the 15 spots were occupied. All sites have picnic table, fire ring. Cell service fair. The camp host came by to let us know that fires are allowed in the fire rings. And that if we have a dog, that they should not be down at the lake eating duck poop 💩. I guess it’s bad for the dog. Lovely sunset with warmth reflected off the still water. A bit of road noise as it’s parallel to the highway. Definitely a lovely place. Don’t drive past. Posting camp map as last photo. We were in site 5

Upper Pahranagat Lake 37.29846, -115.12134

Road hotel, rooms are 500 mxp, which was expensive for me, so I asked can I camp. They allowed me to stay in front of the new rooms being built. They didn't charge me. In the evening, I had a great dinner at the restaurant, a huge portion of pechuga with fried potatoes, salad and freshly made tortillas for 230 mxp.

Hotel Elim 17.75800, -91.87235

The stuff van life dreams are made of. 3$ shower and there nice.

Seneca One Stop 42.57053, -79.10069

Beautiful beach, can walk across sandbar to the island. 200 pesos per night. No hookups no cell service. didn't use the washroom. Very easy in and out.

Playa El Requeson 26.63491, -111.83335

This is a cul de sac where you'd park directly below somebody's house and look down on somebody else's. Decided not to stay.

Turn-around 49.01920, -119.40387

Wonderful campground at the lake with numerous pits for camper vans or cars. Each pit has a table with seating and a fireplace, pre-supplied with fire wood. Ask the friendly staff for a steel grill if you want to prepare your asado. The ablution block is very basic, so don’t expect luxury. The place seems to be popular for a day at the lake, however after sunset we were entirely alone with nature.
We paid 5000.- for two with a camper.

La Estacada -40.83933, -71.53833

Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground offers 30 min showers for $10. Decently clean, and the water got cold on me a few times, but overall not too bad. Please be respectful and keep the facilities clean as these are some of the only public showers available in the area.

Joshua Tree Lake RV Campground 34.20611, -116.24383

Puma gas station next to main road with access to 'Stop N Go' convenience store with clean washrooms, coffee shop and good range of snacks, beer etc.
The owner was kind enough to let us stay for free under a large covered area which was very convenient as there was a torrential downpour. The place is well lit but possibly a little noisy as it's used by a lot of truckers.
If you need WiFi go to the shipping agent 'Predio MSC' next door and if you ask nicely they may give you the password.

Puma service station 15.82751, -87.90895

Local seguro para pernoite, com chuveiro e restaurante.

Posto Dom Pedro -22.91061, -46.97118

Can confirm, this spot is awesome. We're also getting 9mbps down and 9 Mbps up on AT&T, but absolutely no Verizon. Love it here!

Valley of The Gods 37.31565, -109.85605

25 sites with water and electric. Hot showers included with the 35 per night fee. Utah state park facility so plan accordingly.

Gunlock State Park 37.25689, -113.77101

Park with electric hookups and flat gravel space for your Rv. FREE! Showed up at 330pm. There was one van. By 5pm we were 5 in all. Nice travelling people. Felt completely safe. Bit noisy with the 400 right by but free

Davis park 37.60727, -99.28309

great campground to stop at. paid $42 for 15 amp spot. super friendly staff. great views.

Fernie RV Resort 49.51928, -115.05337

Street parking around the park. Some spots have a 2 hour restriction from 8am-4pm but some don’t.
No one disturbed us except in the morning (8:15am) the car behind us decided to hunk (we think) to wake us up…
There is a public restroom too (very disgusting but does the trick). There are also water fountains!
If you are stuck like us trying to sleep by the beach and you don’t want to risk the no-parking signs, it gets the job done perfectly!

Kellog’s Park 34.29041, -119.29667

We stopped to do the walking trail down to the old dam. It was a smooth paved walk down although there were more hikes up the mountain we didn’t try. The gates close at 5 in November. We decided to stay the night on the side of the road leading into the park area. Although the traffic into the only entrance to a subdivision is surprisingly very busy I’m sure it will calm down later. There were signs on the other side of the road stating no parking. None were on this side. I will update if anyone knocks In the middle of the night. Wish us luck😜
Ranger did come by in the morning to tell us the rules about parking overnight on city streets… be warned

Father junipero Serra trail 32.83873, -117.03300

Paid 150 pesos to park on their property the night before crossing to Guatemala via Ciudad Hidalgo. Restaurant was closed but we bought 2 cervezas for 50 pesos. We hear the noise of the autoroute, but it’s not that annoying.

Restaurant With Alberca 14.90037, -92.19164

Hard to spot the entrance off the highway. Go down a little less than a mile. You can turn left but the road gets real bumpy or you can continue straight and there’s a few options.

Close to Zion off Hwy 9 37.25466, -112.76873

Drove by this place. Tried to stay in the lot but says no RV camping. Asked the Travel Plaza where we could sleep in our RV and was told we would have to pay $50 for a RV spot (with hookups, not sure exactly what was available) on the other side. No boondocking allowed.

Ft Independence 36.69978, -118.12142

-2x Application
-2x 2x2inch photo
-Polio certificate
-Travel itinerary
-hotel booking
-Pakistan visa
-Bank statement
-Visa request “explain”
-1050 Pakistan rupees for 1 person
-I just skipped “Letter from employee “ section :-)

Visatronix Visa Office / Visa for India 33.70448, 73.08895

Good place, friendly staff. It took just 5 minutes to get 5 pieces of polio certificate.

Polio Vaccination 33.70449, 73.08894

Nice little rest area on both sides of the highway. I think there must be a dump each side as this point is located on the northbound side but we just pulled in while heading southbound and everything was here. There is water available at the dump as well and plenty of bins. Don't know if you can stay the night here, couldn't see any signs banning it but would be a noisy night!

Rest Area 29.19855, -98.82542

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