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Beautiful place and definitely worth a short visit. Really kind staff. Dogs are allowed inside (exception: not in the museum).

Parking cost $300 pesos. Be aware that the parking guy will charge the right price. In our case the guy wrote a 1 in front of the 300 so we payed 1300 in the first place. After we showed the staff they made sure we got the 1000 back.

San Ignacio Mission -27.16569, -55.43980

Lovely camp ground- pool isn’t working- pity. Also 84 bucks/night….but fully serviced and clean sites.

Dinosaur Trail RV Resort 51.50072, -112.83279

Almoçamos aqui, arroz com legumes, carne com curry, uma bebida 3.700 guy. Tudo muito limpo e organizado.

58 Miles 5.38751, -58.58071

Ask before using the water tap. That is important to the owner.

Chevron/Town Pantry 49.25924, -124.80971

I was told by a forest service employee I could not stay here, but they came back shortly after and said “one night is fine”. On the Angeles NF site there is an order that states you cannot camp for more than 3 days in a year within 300 feet of certain roads, so unless I’m missing something, 3 nights would be fine here. See link below for FS order.

Hard Luck Road 34.70552, -118.81984

The artists welcomed us right away. Very nice talking to them, kind people. Beach is very dirty, even for Africa imho. It was very windy as well so we decided not to stay for the night.

At the Beach 14.31340, -16.93235

Place is permanently closed. See Photos.

Bachman’s Beach Parking Lot 44.40642, -64.26765

Large field past the Mobile truck stop off I10. Follow tire tracks and there is plenty of shrubbery to hide away. Free RV dump site at truck stop. Can fit multiple RV’s of any size.

Large Field Boondocking 30.39846, -83.36470
Gregory Pomeroy

Dump is good. Water is not potable per employee.

Smith's gas station 48.20256, -114.30832

The place is very clean.

Double load costs now: 3.50$
Triple load is 4.75$
Dryer is still at 0.25$ for 4 min.

Place closes at 6pm

Girison Laundromat 49.23477, -124.80668

I pulled in about 6:45 in the evening, and had a Sheriff come up and tell me that no sleeping overnight was allowed at any boat ramp in S Carolina. He also said that right now, the parking lot is being used by employees who are working on dredging in the area, which I think is why they are cracking down. :(
Shame, as it seemed like a nice little spot.

Dawhoo Bridge Boat Ramp 32.63581, -80.34076

Can confirm the previous entries.
If you are on a small motorcycle, the owner will let you park at the entrance of the second hotel.

Koala Hostel -19.58586, -65.75270

Very nice pool with slides and all.
Shared showers except in the family changing room.
5,65$ CAD now.
Hot shower and very clean locker rooms.
Search for the John Rhodes community centre. Check the opening hours too as they are not open all the time during the day.

Rec Center/Pool 46.50698, -84.30272

In this park, there's a parking place. Here is an artuficial lake, with a trekking path where locals came everyday to exercise, and beautiful benchs with shadow to see the sunset. Lot of birds, and wifi. Is secure and quiet to sleep. There's potable water nexr to the entrance arch, and also an electricity spot.
En este lugar hay un parque urbano fonde los locales vienen a ejercitarse. Tiene un lago artificial, un sendero para caminata, gran estacionamiento y bancos con sombra para disfrutar el atardecer. Es una reserva de aves locales, y también tiene wifi. Hay canilla con agua potable cerca del arco de entrada, y también una tomada de electricidad.

Parque Urbano -27.04870, -55.57336

Good spigot , felt bad kinda holding up people who wanted to fill up their water bottles but gotta get good fresh water somehow :)

Water spigot in Ecola Park 45.91984, -123.97427

We got off the vehicle ferry from Porto Velho very late. After finding all the hotels with parking for a large pickup camper full, we came here to sleep in the parking lot. We went until the end behind the Ibis hotel. It was very quiet at night and no one bothered us. Probably fine for a few nights if you’re very discreet..

Ibis Hotel Parking -3.12903, -59.98275

I was in the parking lot in the morning before the library open and was taken aback by just how great the wifi connection was. I had a video call for work that was crystal clear! When the library opened I spent most of the day in there, and they have seats in a little attrium for zoom calls. All good and dandy until *poof* the internet completely drops off when you’re in the middle of a call. Absolutely lovely library though — if I didn’t have video calls for work it would have been even better.

Teton County Library 43.47141, -110.77954

Incredible spot! Other vans and campers there as well to make it even better and felt safer.

Yellowstone South Entrance parking bay 44.13282, -110.66455

beau site directement sur un petit lac avec le coucher de soleil en arrière plan. Près de la 101

holt Mine Complex spot on the lake 48.52083, -79.69937

I asked the manager and you can’t park in the parking lot overnight. However, you are welcome to park on the dirt lot next door. It’s more than large enough for my 40ft skoolie + toad, but it’s not level. It’s slightly slanted outward, and definitely makes me afraid of rolling off the mountain.

Mt Helens Observatory 46.88875, -124.10156

this place is unfortunately permanently closed.

Parking lot at soccer field -34.77618, -71.03966

Closed ecologic area in a rural town.
It has cooking facilities, bathrooms and a closed property for camper-type vehicles. It only works on Saturdays and Sundays, contact [email protected] in advance

Paimun -35.27201, -59.55774

Excellent spot to camp a few days in the mountains not far from North Klamath Falls. Little traffic this time of year. Couple of truck stops about 10 miles away. Quiet and peaceful dark night even though town is not far.

Single vehicle to small group 42.40612, -121.79677

As others have mentioned a good place to stay. Covered pavilion with lights. Big double sink for dish washing. Super clean his and her bathrooms. Level parking, no height concerns. Washing machine under the pavilion. Dog friendly.

Paid 20s a night and 30s per load of laundry ( big new machine).

To make it even better? Hot water at the kitchen sink. Better pressure in the showers. A kitchen with range. Also, and this is probably seasonal but there were a LOT of sand burs. Picked a lot of them out of her paws. Really bothered Dixie.

Clean, safe and quiet. I’d definitely stay again.

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05483, -77.79472

Medium size parking lot. Have a very private spots with bushes. I liked it. Nobody bothered me.

Shower water is hot in the Planet Fitness 👍

Planet Fitness 25.76017, -80.33354

Free potable water! Next to dump station on north end of parking lot. Large sign labeling the potable water spigot, so no questions about its safety.
Also free dump station!

Mr Gas Truck Stop 43.51036, -116.14621

good spot for a night or a week! some glass on some spots.

Arizona Land Trust 33.81219, -112.23791

Nice quiet spot with 3 parking areas for small RVs. I large unit could use the area also. Easy to find and good road. Sharing with another camper for the evening.

Lakesite place (Across rest area) 60.38167, -133.77787

Asked the manager if we could stay for a night and he said yes with no hesitation. Sounds like they’re okay with overnighters as long as you check in first. Small parking lot but we fit our fambulance in the back corner no problem.

Cracker Barrel 43.58812, -116.27362

The spigot is shut off and the handle is red

Picnic area water spigot 46.89476, -103.38321

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