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It's a big ol pull over. Right now there is road work down below that lights up the whole area, even up here on the mountainside.
We got our 35 ft skoolie in here for a night with another van, plus a bit more room to spare. Worked for us for a night.

Roadside 37.49067, -122.36652

We agree with the previous comment, the route must have gotten worse in the past few years, because we would really recommend a 4x4 and can't imagine Ford Transit with 16cm of clearance would do it now. We came with a 4x4 4runner and our clearance was on the limit, we set a lot of stones on the steep part, but we touched the ground on a couple of other parts. And our car still smells nice from all the bushes that we trimmed on the way - the north parth of the path is very overgrown. The southern is much easier, so if you don't have a suitable car, you can just do it there and back.

Valle de las Rocas -21.50925, -67.63016

Big parking lot that can accommodate big rigs. There is no overnight parking sign, so I'm assuming you can park overnight.

West Point Lighthouse 46.61965, -64.38602

Definitely need a high clearance or 4wd to get in here, otherwise, don't bother

Near Conner pass 39.04822, -114.60812

No way to get up the road without a small track 4wd. Left side has eroded badly and no way I would even try to take my Sprinter up that, or any high centre of gravity vehicle!

Outside Ely 39.02279, -114.67470

Located at the end of a road in Hiawatha National Forest. Mostly open grassy area with picnic tables and grills edged by a narrow beach. Can climb to the top of the small lighthouse. Two clean pit toilets. Windy when we were here so bugs weren’t bad. Passed a camper on the way here but had the lighthouse loop to ourselves. Paved road turns to dirt at the end but it’s in good shape.

Peninsula Point Lighthouse 45.66849, -86.96672

What a view! right next to the road and theres been a few cars in and out tonight but I assume it will quiet down.

4g lte ATT and VZ, though very weak, long range antennas for ATT managed 12mbps down and 2 up earlier.

no facilities though there is a pit toilet just down the road at a waterfall picnic area. Cant complain, theres plenty of other spots with more privacy and facilities but this is the only one along the road with service, will explore more options tomorrow.

Vista Grande Overlook 35.78685, -105.80863

Large parking lot, hard-packed gravel, in the center of the town. Very quiet, only a few cars parked here. Free, no issues, restaurants and shops close by, perfect for a night

Gravel RV and Vehicle lot 50.50524, -116.02944

Unfortunately this Cracker Barrel restaurant closed permanently. Signs taken down, windows boarded up.

Cracker Barrel 32.38664, -90.14492

Best shower ever!! 1$!! Clean, hot, very good pressure and unlimited time! Staff very friendly! Went there out of Zion on our way to Las Vegas. It was great!

Washington City Community Center 37.13564, -113.50087

This spot is awesome. Super quiet, no one to bother you. Seemingly potable water spout. At the picnic shelter the sinks have running water and the outlets have power! I took advantage of it and did all my dishes and made rice in my rice cooker. The bathrooms also have running water, lights, and flush toilets. It feels so much fancier than what I'm used to xD Dog thinks it's a great spot, too.

Hoskins Park 44.67585, -123.46330

Quiet, can hear the river, no cell service.

Small River Rest Area 53.06019, -119.61371

Bit far from the launchpad but you simply can't get closer as this already borders the red zone. Still an awesome experience to see a rocket launch. Good sand pit to camp out of the wind too.

Hilltop viewpoint on Launchpad 31/6 (Soyuz) 45.83552, 63.63567

Motel (+260 965201919) in Kapiri Mposi on the T2. Rent a room for ZK400 pn including Continental breakfast, and park next to it. Clean and comfortable rooms. Close to the Cape to Cairo railway station. Safe and secure parking with guards at gates. Not too noisy during the night but trucks started moving from 4h30 onwards. OK for overnight.

Ma22 Lodge -13.92912, 28.66584

Gas station with Diesel, very friendly staff. We payed 3000 rial per liter.

Diesel 35.22736, 54.56072

Open 6am to 9pm, armed security guard during the night, the toilets and shower stay open the whole night. Big lawn in the back without light, or some spaces beside the station with light, choose whatever makes you feel safe. Friendly staff let us sleep no problem. Its quite loud as many trucks pass by.
EDIT: Dont stay here. Its 2am and music is full blasting, seems to be the towns night gathering place.

BR Gas station -24.51963, -55.81464

Special town welcome gate of the town Tarabuco

City welcome gate Tarabuco -19.04217, -65.25670

Karibu Fuel Station. Large walled area adjacent to fuel station. Truck stop. Fuel attendant showed us where to park next to other trucks. There are no other spots in town suitable for big rigs. Traffic noises can be heard in the main road but not disturbing. We feel quite safe. There are no facilities. We paid 5k Tanzanian shillings. There are restaurants further into town but we stayed in our truck for supper.

Karibu Fuel Station -10.64632, 35.65160

Not quiet at all, loud music all night from locals and dogs that keep barking. WiFi costs 3 dollars for people that camp with their own verhicle. You can use the password on multiple devices at a time.

Warthogs Safari Camp -16.52863, 28.83069

Chefferie (kingdom) site where you can learn about the kingdom in the area. Very stunning and interesting site

Chefferie Bandjoun 5.35018, 10.40713

Super belle endroit face à la mer lever et coucher de soleil

Dominion Beach Parking 46.21361, -60.02839

incroyable Guillermo. le joint de culasse qu'il nous a monté à lâché après 600km. il nous avait prévenu qu'une fabrication local pouvait être moins efficace qu'une pièce d'origine.
du coup, il nous aide à rapporter notre j5 dans son garage pour refaire une réparation avec des joints importées de France. il nous offre la main d'oeuvre pour une semaine de travail au total, joue le taxi pour nous et nous accompagné sur 200km lors de la remise en route de notre camion pour vérifier que tout marche sans que l'on perde de temps sur notre route.
incroyable Guillermo !!!
vous qui passez chez lui, n'hésitez pas à lui passer notre bonjour chaleureux. plus qu'un garagiste, il fait parti des amis de notre aventure.

1/4 de Milla Car Servis -24.80637, -65.41638

Can confirm! Quiet parking lot to park at. I’m not staying overnight, though it looks like you can

Parking Lot 45.43497, 10.97661

Overnight camping spot open 24/7. Has security cameras, big enough for towables, has dumps station. In a fairly nice spot, right next to the river

Area Camper Verona “Porta Palio” 45.43436, 10.97802

Nos quedamos una noche, al lado de 2 otros vehículos de viajeros. El lugar es tranquilo; todos estos pueblos son fantasmas en temporada baja. Lindo atardecer!

Tortugas -9.36814, -78.41000

Flat are for all kinds of vehicles and tents. Nice view over the clouds. no wind. abandoned building next to it. next to the road but quite. Phone signal okay.

no trash. some locals and dogs walked by.

enjoy and take your trash with you.

abandoned over the clouds -19.42302, -64.19449

Lovely but tiny public park with picnic table, grill and dock by the Esopus Creek. Used by fishers apparently. Lot is small my 21 foot campervan was about the limit. Three spaces for overnight parking clearly designated. There is a aintained Porta potty in the lower parking lot. Quiet residential area, but parking lot is exposed to street and faces a large apartment building. It is quite a good find. Perfect for an overnight in a historic community of NY. That said, I suspect the overnight spaces will fill quickly in warm weather seasons.

Tina Chorvas Waterfront Park 42.07135, -73.94589

Still corrupt. We made a big thing there, because we didnt want to give our driving license. We showed them all reviews, had to go the commander. We have a Senegalese friend who called the commanders boss, so they were suddenly very friendly and let us go. We talked to other tourists on the spot, they've paid 12k cfa as well. They told us its 'normal' on this spot. We made a report on

Corrupt police 15.35967, -16.45853

Sécuritaire, grand stationnement avec beaucoup de vans. Bruit de fond la nuit à cause du bruit des vans.

Goehner rest area NE 40.82317, -97.17071
Roamin' Retirees

Nice area for an overnight stop. We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and 4 sites were occupied plus there were a few folks fishing. There is construction going on about 12 mile up river with trucks going in and out during the day, but it was quiet at night.

We are in a 35' Class A and towing a car and space 2 was the perfect size for us!

Dude Ranch 43.78116, -99.42640

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