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As described. I met the guy who maintains the site and he said it’s fine to camp there, lots of people do. No drinking water here. Lots of mosquitoes when I was there - apparently that’s common!

Rest Stop 49.32967, -121.63761

Camp site 1 very private. Clean ablutions. Elephant and jackal in camp every day lots of game at waterhole. Highly recommended

Nxai Pans South Camp -19.93678, 24.77675

Pine Lake Ice Age Trail lot
45.5918480, -92.3046663
70th st near 267th 
Hwy 48 is pretty rough…be prepared 
Small lot no prohibitions/hrs posted 
AT&T service pretty bad in the area, better to west near Luck and Frederic, gets worse to East and Northeast. Multiple towers nearby likely other service is better. With a WeBoost you might get 2-3Mb DL in the lot otherwise about .5Mb if you get a signal at all. There are multiple cell towers around so I'm assuming other services are better 

Lots of the Ice Age Trail heads have a public parking area

If you happen to get Stuck, Search\join Facebook group 4x4 Rescue Wisconsin(or any state) Only for emergency/stuck broke down out of gas situations. Have GPS coordinates prepared

Pine Lake Ice Age Parking area 45.59185, -92.30467
The Mtnmn Journals

My son and I visited. Cramped spot for two rigs. Weeds we're high, therefore decided to stay at red shale

Primitive Site-Custer nat'l Forest 45.55817, -105.89824

I was the only one here in July. Very typical recreation site. Steep access in however.

Morchuea Lake 57.98444, -130.07639

Campsite and hotel only for miners this year, but they still sell snacks (cookies were good value), and had the best toilets on the Cassiar.

Bells 2 Lodge and Campground 56.74430, -129.79575

Shop was stupid with zero prices anywhere, but the attached cafe was good value, and I had a big plain hamburger and homemade fries for $11.50 which is a good rate for this part of the world. $5 for 30 mins of decently fast WiFi

Kluachon Centre, Iskut 57.83759, -129.99024

A good place for small auto repairs, but what these guys are really good in is fixing motorbikes, technical very good, fast and honest, a perfect place to get your bike fixed ore maintained before you start the Sani pass

May's Auto Centre 29.73927, 29.51547

We enjoyed it so much we stayed for 5 nights! There’s not much to add that hasn’t been said before. 💯% awesome place, and hosts. They really do take pride in everything they do and it shows. We camped on the other side of the bay in the corner. Fantastic spot! Our fist time fishing and it was great 😊 the staff showed us how to do it and we caught 5 bream in total!! So lekker and affordable!

Maabwe Bay Campsite -17.80608, 27.15582

Small spot behind trees just off the road. This is the old park Entrance parking for the Gate employees. Room to park two cars but one space may be seen from traffic on the road. There is a fire pit behind one of the spaces. Access the space going east bound as the road is divided at this place.

Old Park Entrance 51.99211, -116.68889

Vraiment bel emplacement. Plusieurs personnes y étaient aussi, très belle vue. Accès à une toilette chimique, très propre. Tente et camper possible! beaucoup de place. Gardez sa propre!!!! 😁 have fun!

Halte routière Anse à Norbert 48.84075, -68.86781

As describe in the description, free water

Irving Gas Station 44.63618, -63.67787

Nous n'avons pas appelé avant d'arriver mais Fred et Maryse nous ont très bien accueilli et ont été supers avec nous et les enfants. Super activité peinture pour les enfants. très bien équipé et locaux très propres. Les emplacements pour le camping car pourraient être un peu plus grands et espacés. Peut-être que Fred pourrait installer une prise 220v aussi pour ceux qui n'ont pas de convertisseur 😁

Casa Soley 11.02300, -85.67066

Good campground place, a little noisy with the 401 road. Wifi available in the laundry.

Windsor Campground 42.24436, -82.93472

very nice place, near the lake. nice and clean pit toilet.
we are traveling with a 28 feet long RV and there was lots of Room for us!

Summit Lake Campground 58.65208, -124.65190

Nice flat turnout right before the park entrance. Quiet and peaceful. Very safe vibe with stunning views. A really nice place to stay overnight.

Just before Caplulin National Monument Park 36.77982, -103.98723

Confirming all the others comments! Cheapest place in the area, plenty of spots! We sow a deer in the campground, was just 20mt from our van, and the day before some freidns sow a black bear just at the entrance of the campground! Amazing nature! Only problem, you can hear the trains, and they pass all day long starting from early morning!

Snaring River Overflow Campground 53.01506, -118.08202
Alveto Expedition

This is the place to go if you are looking for a Hotel in Bandar Abbas before/after shipping your vehicle to the UAE or visiting Hormuz for a day. Just finishing a full restoration and the rooms are brand new, spacious,with European toilets and freezing cold AC. They have 24hr CCTV and a spacious parking area, also 24hr front desk and the two brothers running the place are very professional, friendly and helpful. Farhad speaks a very good English. The price for a double room per night is around 6mil rials (18euros) the standard price for Bandar Abbas but you won't stay in such a nice hotel. Located right across the beach and on a clear day you can see Hormuz on the horizon. We had a pleasant stay in July (no chance camping outside, way too hot and humid)

GENO Hotel 27.18834, 56.34021

small campground by the lake. $15 a night for a single car and single site. Best smelling pit toilet I've ever been in haha. road is mostly paved on the way in. last mile or two is gravel. not too rough. lots of pullouts on the way to this CG too.

Atherton Creek CG 43.63732, -110.52387

They just towed 2 RV yesterday during the day because people were not leaving while they were hording and dumping trash. There is 1 camper left that the health dept cited and will be towed this weekend if not moved
it's been here for months. this used to be the most beautiful park and safe place to overnight until to crackheads and tweakers messed it up for everyone . The RV that's left has been dumping sewage in the parking lot for months, and piling used empty cat food cans under their RV All while being parked 10 feet from a dumpster. These people are maggots that mess it up for the rest of us. Come enjoy the park from 6 am to 11 pm daily.

Fremont park 37.54587, -121.96599

There was a no camping sign here. From this and the new signs at the beach prohibiting camping, I don't think the community wants this area used for boondockers any longer. Great spot for a hike and lunch though!

Lighthouse trail parking 49.11683, -58.40598

We got here at 7pm on Friday 7/22 and no one else was around. One camper arrived around 8pm and parked down below in a spot. 2 more campers together showed up at 10pm and camped near us on the hill: but they were gone by 7am. Very quiet and level

Rock pit spur road 48.57048, -120.78160

Outback roadhouse with good fried food at cafe, petrol and diesel and camping on green grass for $15 per person.
Showers and toilets.
No phone signal, but free wifi

Musgrave Roadhouse -14.78167, 143.50375
The Mtnmn Journals

Quiet, two other people. Sites are large and spacious. Enjoyed the spot and recommend it

Red Shale Campground 45.57107, -106.14769

the best and cheapest camping with warm showers, wifi, electricity, clean.

El mejor Camping y mas barato, 300 la carpa o auto y 40 por persona.
El encargado Fernando Aban es guia de las Cuevas de Acsibi, lugar IMPERDIBLE tel 3875798822

Camping Municipal Seclantas -25.33071, -66.24474

Slept in my car for one night in the Costco parking lot without any issues. However, it was very dark and I was the only car in the entire parking lot. I parked towards the Holiday Inn. I would also highly advise to leave very early in the morning because the Costco parking lot gets filled up really quick especially on the weekends. That being said I felt very safe spending the night.

Costco 49.19316, -123.12348

Had a great night without any problems, calm and there is a cute trail to go to the village

Baie de Tadoussac 48.14199, -69.72430

Spot next to the Ubaye Valley River. Super place for night and day after/before Col de Parpaillon.

Riverside 44.44697, 6.74256

passed the night here ok place to sleep. a lot of trucks parked during the night so don't blocked their parking

Petto Canada Truck Stop 48.53318, -89.65058

Local muito gostoso e tranquilo de ficar... A vista maravilhosa..

Praça dos cachorros -27.60593, -48.57339

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