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As described. Hot clean and hot shower, was very easy to find. Would recommend.

Hot Showers 47.47545, -123.83106

no overnight camping posted. nice visitor station. washrooms open after hours. must see stop to get pictures of the goose

Wawa Visitor Center 47.97492, -84.78303

Right after you crosses the bridge make a right and follow the small path. After 100m you will see a green valley with trees and a winding river. Lots of space. Depending on the wind you could hear the main road. Quiet at night. We slept very well. Very low internet service.

In the green valley 26.40345, -105.43337

really difficult to get water here with a hose even with a water bandit. the flow is really high. be prepared to get drenched.

Water 46.88298, -91.04739
Irvin Bethge

large rest stop with no one else here at present. Note real level and highway traffic noise but good for a night.

Rest area. very large parking next to a quary 60.38333, -133.77657

This is the biggest supermarket in town. They sell meats, vegetables, beer, wine, cheese, cereal, cleaning supplies, etc.

Supermercado - Tia 0.29897, -78.26671

Fairly quiet, free campground on the Yukon River in view of the bridge. Good midway stop between Dawson City and Whitehorse.
Free firewood stacked around the campground.

Pelly River Crossing 62.82606, -136.58519

Dump station with water (non potable). Situated behind the KC Irving Center (east side). Usually opened from May to September.

KC Irving Center 47.62876, -65.68137

Open free public parking overnight is ok. The parking is next to a soccer field.

big public parking 43.73050, -79.29912

Space for a few vans. 2 bars ATT LTE. Great view of the bay. Didn't stay.

near to the battery hiking 59.22423, -135.41618

Excellent county campground! Beautiful beaches right on Grand Traverse Bay - Lake Michigan. Wooded campsites, hiking trails, paved biking trails. 2 mins from Torch Lake.

Barnes Park Campground 45.11096, -85.36046

I made it up with a two wheel drive vehicle with about 10 in of clearance to the first potential camp spot. There are about 10 other spots farther up the road but only accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles, or 2WD if you have a scout walking ahead and placing rocks in the low spots, and working your way up. The road is only a couple hundred yards long, but cars, pickups, and maybe some vans, nothing larger. None of the spots are level without blocks. This road used to service a remote weather station, now appears abandoned. Great views, some road noise, but secluded from road view.

Please keep this area clean. Pack it out, including your human waste and toilet paper. 2 bars on T-Mobile.

Wild turn off 63.80391, -148.94664

Very fast free internet. Can't park in front of the building though. Can park across the street but signal not as strong.

Yukon University 64.06141, -139.43306

Easily accessible pull off area just inside the NF. 2 bars VZW. Some cars pass by but otherwise very quiet.

Established campsite in NF 41.15795, -122.36523

Didn't stay, great view, possible road noise, 1 bar ATT LTE.

Near Chilcat River 59.18549, -135.40538

Stayed 1 night, road noise still at night (55 mph area). 1 bar ATT LTE.

Haines Alaska along Lynn Canal-Chilkoot Inlet 59.25665, -135.43775

Read "small" as VERY small. we're only in a minivan, but too small for us. we went a few miles farther north with good luck.

Riverfront Close to Denali NP 63.77571, -148.91044

Very, very steep. we couldn't make it up. Maybe high clearance and 4WD would have better luck. We went a few miles north for a great spot on the west side.

Cliffside Trail 63.76770, -148.91251

No water here. The woman behind the counter (owner or manager) said don't trust the water in the area. Only inside the park is safe to drink, not the businesses. We filled up an the campground just inside the park past the turn-in (Riley Campground), at the dump station. there is a sign for potable water.
No fee to enter until farther down the road.

Tesoro Gas Station 63.74594, -148.89757

Close to Bedford/Halifax. Beautiful park. Large campsites. Very clean. Friendly staff easy check in. Swimming pool, laundry, showers. Reasonable rates . Definitely recommend

Woodhaven RV Park 44.73535, -63.76627

Still good possible to camp too, on grass next to the parking lot

Cañon del sonche - parking lot - entrance -6.17407, -77.85994

Free potable water at the campground. Just past the turn-in to the park on the left. No entry fee until farther down the road. Follow the signs to the dump station, just past the turn into the campground. There are signs for the potable water faucet, next to the dump apparatus.

Riley Campground 63.73302, -148.89728

abandoned bridge for a view of the lake and volcano

abandoned bridge trek -35.64551, -71.25872

Arrived here just before sunset and asked the man who worked there if we could stay there fore a night with our campervan. A friendly no problemo and we could stay there. We payed 10k cop and even got a WiFi code.

24h pump station with parking on a small gravel spot. toilets available 24/7

Terpel San Pedro 9.40160, -75.06553
JR Wayfinder

A quiet plateau near Hunt Falls with easy access for cars, vans, and small trailerers like pop-ups. 5 well established sites, one is a field with lots of room, created as an Idaho fire management camp if there is a wildfire in the area, else fair game for camping up to 14 days.

Comfortable camp with no mosquitoes in July even when all other camps are swarming.

Short 1/4 mile walk to Hunt Falls and easy access to Priest Lake area. Might have an occasional car or hiker come by enroute to the falls during the day, quiet at night.

1 bar of Verizon service.

Hunt Falls Plateau 48.56524, -116.82523

Road from south is terrible on 13 last km. Road from ouest is terrible on 5 last km. Both manageable with our 30ft RV. Best speed for these roads is between 25 and 30 miles/hour.

Bodie Ghost Town 38.21139, -119.01290

great campground, beautiful spot, with amazing views, but the gnats are bad it makes it impossible to be outside without being absolutely swarmed.

Cottonwood 46.94882, -103.53411

A beautiful little primitive campground overlooking rolling hills and Jamestown Reservoir. Fire pits and picnic tables are spread around the area along with one trash can. If you go right at the top of the hill where the sign is you'll see a large mowed field with a patch of well groomed trees in the middle. Nice and level place big enough for quite a few campers to spread out. Absolutely beautiful sunsets can be seen over the hill across the reservoir. $10 per night with honor system drop box.

If you go left at the sign and down the hill you'll find the lower section which has a pit toilet and boat launch. 1 or 2 people could camp there if desired.There were 2 tents at the boat launch when we arrived

There is a campground down the road called Lakeside Campground. They will let you dump your tanks and fill up for water for free if you show them your camping tag from this site.

James River Bay Campground 46.98840, -98.70163

this spot worked out well it's far enough away from the train that it didn't bother my sleep there are mosquitoes though and the water smells a little funny the town of Morris has a campground that has showers for $2

Morse 644 50.39266, -107.03595

much too close to the trains for me it did Blair all night and they do seem to honk as soon as they come close to the camping site the other is down the road we're much better

Reed Lake 50.41409, -107.08450

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