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This place had a bit of a weird vibe and it smelled weird, it was a big area but the smell was strong enough to make us decide to drive further in the dark. The next gas station (towards Campo Grande), is perfectly fine.

Shell -23.10289, -54.22216

We were able to pull our 40’ skoolie in here so what ever was blocking the road has been cleared up! There is room for a couple of vehicles in here

Dirt Trail 44.00119, -121.79038

What a beautiful place. There are about a dozen sites (maybe more) that are tended by a nice woman with help from her Dad. The site is an area that was destroyed by an avalanche in 1995 and this is her efforts to memorialize those who lived here and a couple that lost their lives. Highly recommended and only a couple of minutes from the ferry.

Park Goodchild, Blanc Sablon 51.42886, -57.12864

Not for the first time I used this location. A popular place to boondock complete with dump station and water.
There is no wifi here BUT I found accessible wifi 5 minutes walk west on the same street as the arena at the Banque Nationale.

Stationnement de l’aréna 46.98395, -70.56254

Great place to sleep after crossing the border. Beautiful area with an awesome canyon to hike up and explore in. Traffic noise not too bad. Amazing stars.

Ruta 7 Streamside -32.74968, -69.58519

Very friendly border personal. Office is heated!
1. Salud controlled the C19 on our mobiles. Did not ask to see Vac certificates nor anything else
2. Passports stamped with Migration (90 days)
3. TIP issued with Aduana (90 days)
4. Car was briefly checked and asked if we had food. Spotted the honey and confiscated it
Took under 30 minutes.

Hito Cajón Border crossing Chile-Bolivia -22.91665, -67.79778

tons of formal and informal camping places available along this road, even weekends in July.

Castle Provincial Park 49.41818, -114.33714

Nice place. There were 3 rigs when I arrived. Close to the Bell Park for a walk.

York Street Parking Lots 46.47446, -80.99499

Road was graded at the beginning of the summer. A little wash board in some spots but otherwise typical grades road. Not as rough as previous comments.

granite hot springs campground 43.36028, -110.44546

Stayed one night in our campervan. A great spot near the Keji National park entrance. Short grassy pull-in that opens up to a gravel area. Clean, quiet, no issues.

Kejimkujik NP 44.43530, -65.19320

Après avoir passé la frontière de Sault Ste. Marie, nous avons dormi la … le terrain n est pas très plat mais c est un havre de paix … la petite plage, la forêt et le lac …. Splendide

Wild beach 46.18982, -82.79933

This road has lots of options in National Forest. The first few pullouts closest to 101 seemed best, beyond you'll get to burned out trailers and logging. Saw a large herd of elk at the exact pin. Did not stay.

Waldport Forest Road 44.37455, -124.05697

bonne endroit tranquille, loin dans le sentier mais parfait pour ne pas déranger !

Le Grand Sault Trailhead 48.17278, -66.06343

says private road at the entrance just at the highway, self painted and might not be serious as per the good reviews of the place - but we didn't go down. just FYI

Riverside 61.79348, -147.93347

good spot for the night, gravel area behind the asphalt looks regularly used incl. firepits. quiet with decent views of surroundings but nothing special. the road is a dead end leading down under the highway bridge to the river, that part however is marked as private property.

Huge asphalted parking lot on Trailhead road off highway 61.79350, -147.93340

Nice spot with fire pit and table, toilet clean, free

Frog Falls 50.89676, -118.48461

Beautiful place accessible from Barra de Caravelas (15min). Quiet and large beach in the middle of nowhere. We spent 2 nights here, the only neighbors are really nice : they offered us coffee and coconuts ! It's possible to camp on the beach with a great view on the stars.

The beach I wan't to sleep on -17.70185, -39.14841

Excellent spot with a view and very quiet. Road is bumpy and is about 3-4 miles off the main road. Low clearance vehicles will do just fine until you get to the posted signs about high clearance at the viewpoint. Take it slow as the gravel is loose and we slid once. Completely exposed so if you don’t have AC (like us) it’s quite hot. View is unbeatable in the badlands.

Sheep Mt. Overlook 43.67334, -102.56682

Correction- The Walmart in Millersburg DOES allow parking in the NW corner ( by trailhead). The sign that says No Overnight Parking has a semi truck picture crossed out below the wording. Thank you to a post in Campendium, we came back for a closer look. Saved us from a second night of clock ringing!

walmart berlin 40.53483, -81.91911

Windy and very open. Our site B81 has a few bushes around, and the lower numbers are definitely better. Many spots are completely open. It is very busy, but it is a Saturday of the Civic Holiday. Nice and clean outhouses. There are still spots available. Very limited signal. Not a bad spot for just one night.

Snaring River Overflow Campground 53.01600, -118.08379

Nice little spot not too far from hwy but quiet enough. Very little mosquitos. There is a gravel rd with a stop sign, so keep your eye out. Att was LTE and Verizon was 4G. This property sits just out side of private land. Pretty level spot as well. We were happy campers. There have been people that left their trash. This is not the place for a camp fire :-) would stay here again for a night traveling through.

Wild place near the Highway 50.98800, -121.51455

Great place with awesome owners who if you are not careful can talk all day about the nature surrounding the place

Kruger Inn Backpackers -25.35126, 31.77152

Nice spot in the wild. The river is near and no other people around. On our way we have passed some local people who were all very friendly to us. We feel safe here.

Shamshy Valley by the river 42.57608, 75.41933

If you don’t have signal to call ahead to open the gate, you can continue on the main road North, take the first right just after the ladies selling tomatoes at the market, continue on the dirt road until you reach a gate, you can hoot and one of the workers will open for you.

We spent a very pleasant night also at the dam. However, the actual campsite is lovely too, nice grass with shade and braai / fire, and nice ablutions. Chris showed us the entertainment area with the pool. It’s beautiful! I do wish the pool was clean cos I would have loved to spend a day swimming and tanning there.

Mabula Game Farm Campsite -17.55918, 25.99756
Instagram: @savannatales

If you have a rooftop tent you'll be tempted to camp near the road facing the landscape far away from the ground tent campers but if the caretaker is there he will ask you to move to the cut grass area. Tour guides park their cars near the road and are very loud, even letting the engine on for several minutes in the evening and early morning (4am), talking and laughing out loud until late in the night. The campsite view is beautiful towards sunset. Had buffalos, zebras, giraffe and even lions in camp (actually entering the toilets! 😅) in different days. Cold showers only! We were not alone, it actually can get quite crowded as camping space isn't huge. Great 4g with Vodacom. All public campsites within Serengeti cost 35 USD ppn VAT inclusive + park fees.

Dik-dik Public Campsite -2.42113, 34.84974

Gas Station with Restaurant.
Restaurant had already closed at 8, but friendly Staff from the gas station allowed me to stay the night on the parking. Washroom available at the gas station, during opening hours. Even a picknick table outside.

Rapid Valley 44.39342, -76.01857

Arrived late, nobody here to ask so I trust the drescriptions from the other users :)

Burritts Rapids 44.98236, -75.78599

Lost in the bush, we heard lions in evening. 150 pp, good place to sleep near savuti. They provide wood. The watchman sell some vegetable.
I ll come back.

Moae campsites -18.17619, 24.35669

Very competent mechanic mechanic who is capable of fixing most problems including suspension which you might need on this road

Rapids garage 0.35396, 11.45292

Set up in space 7 and dropped a pin on Google maps. We received a flash flood warning almost immediately. Although space 7 seemed pretty safe from flash flood, we didn’t want to risk getting stranded for a day with the road being impassible so we left (or risk being a stupid motorist) We did hit 3 running washes on the road back to Green Valley. I would love to go back some day!

Coronado National Forest 31.73952, -110.88682

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