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Un casa ciclista de la A a la Z. Giovanni una persona muy amable y con mucho conocimiento. Las cosas que suceden en la casa ciclista de Juliaca con los viajeros es muy bello, nada cómo compartir la ruta, las experiencias, el conocimiento y la vida!

Casa De Ciclistas -15.49994, -70.13360
Guido Lilian

This place has been upgraded with two amenity blocks.
We had a very pleasant stay here, we liked the quietness and remoteness of it. There is shade when you pitch your tent near the river. The beertap adds a big

plus. In the village is a very tiny shop. With two persons toe motorcycles 1 tent we paid €15.

Nova Sedlica 49.05111, 22.51361

Great Place. off of FS644 (ChamberlIn Rd) on street sign. Very well maintained gravel road, site is on left maybe quarter mile. 32 ft Class C, easily backed in down the entry. plenty of space as well for a couple of vans or even 3 or 4 tents. less than 10 min to Munising.

Dispersed FS camping 46.34795, -86.60995

Nice place on the top of the hill whith a beautifull view. we slept on the small parking with our roof top tent, and we were able to use accomodations and profited of the common area. Staff is very Nice to.

Agandi Uganda Lodge -1.03504, 29.77536

Stayed at a small pull out before this acutal location... road had alot of potholes as stated and we didn't feel like going any further
Fine for any van camper, but wouldn't recommend for a larger RV

NF-1060 Pothole Dodging 48.59021, -121.39169

J'ai trouvé ce spot par hasard car the Little pit était occupé. pas d'eau mais tranquille. assez grand pour 1 petite tente ou un petit ou moyen van. Il y a un espace plat sur le spot et un pit pour faire un feu. beaucoup de mouches noires mais c'est normal dans le bois... N'est ce pas? ;p

I found this spot by chance because the Little pit was occupied. no water but quiet. big enough for 1 small tent or a small or medium van. There is a flat space on the spot and a pit to make a fire. a lot of black flies but that's normal in the woods... Isn't that right?

Little spot in the middle of nowhere 45.40800, -78.83676

Single room for PLN80 from Fast wifi. Motorbike can park inside the garden. Cars park on the street.

Pensjonat u Missiow 54.11329, 22.94500

We tried to get there but a huge truck without anybody around was blocking the gravel road to access the spot…Impossible to sleep there.

Coal road 37.97206, -78.99897

Trail head parking. Not a campsite but nice place to park and sleep. I asked a local and told me that overnight was not officially permitted but tolerated. Access to the yellow head lake and trail.

Yellow head lake trail head and boat launch 52.86053, -118.53487

Overnight allowed in P3 only. We stayed there for 2 nights, beautiful view, very nice place, a lot of other vans/RVs.

Revelstoke resort 50.96037, -118.16669

Parking de Pokeshaw beach qui autorise le camping la nuit contre 20$. Parking en hauteur face à la mer et à la petite île aux oiseaux. Possibilité de descendre même pour camper juste devant la plage. Bloc sanitaire récent (pas de douche). Tables de pique nique et observatoire. Super spot. Possibilité de venir à n’importe quelle heure la barrière reste ouverte.

Pokeshaw Beach 47.78787, -65.25418

large parking lot, a lot of trees, clean, well lit, safe. At first we parked at the south side, but there was a truck with generator running, so we moved to the north side, rather quiet there. Had a good nights sleep.

Walmart 29.43414, -98.71512

Beautiful place and view. The owners are very friendly. In raining days could be hard to reach the camping in special with trailers, because the camping is on the top of the hill and the road acess is very hard with mud.

Morro dos Ventos Uivantes RV Campgroud -22.91825, -45.95702

Great views! A bit hard to find but very secluded. We didn't see anyone else for 2 nights. The road had some big potholes but any car could make it. Small trailer friendly, no big rigs. Large site with room for 2 groups. There were some consistent gunshots in the distance for a few hours each morning and evening, likely someone on private property. Also heard coyotes which was neat. The site was a huge mess when we arrived. A TV full of bullet holes, bullets/shells everywhere, exploded paint cans and spray paint, trash everywhere, a huge pile of wood with nails. We cleaned up a lot of it but couldn't get the TV or wood/nail pile. Keep it classy folks. It's disappointing to see such a mess in the wilderness. Other than the gunshot noise and mess, this spot was great.

k2 hilltop dispersed camping 45.81256, -123.75115

Perfect for the laundry - 35 mn to wash and 45 to dry

Peyton's Woods RV Camp 49.65892, -54.78498

definitely recommended. we paid 70 sol for a double room with hot shower, towels, soap, toilet paper. it was clean. the money is for a social project to educate poor children. There is a nice courtyard where we could park our bicycles. we stayed two nights and the lady is extremely helpful and friendly.

MANTHOC-Hospedaje/Hostel -7.16281, -78.51310

Quiet area in town.
Got watered by a sprinkler at 4 am.

Sid Clark Gyro Park 49.16703, -123.94783

nice few spot with fire pits.
along river with a pool.
some garbage we seen.

locals there lots

Riverside Spot 49.19151, -116.34453

good place to stay at night, safe place, quiet place

Pinheiro do Lago -26.61980, -49.43498

beaucoup de place même en pleine semaine de la construction, superbe vue sur le rocher percée et l'île bonaventure. 38$ pour un emplacement sans service , douche gratuite et sans minuteur , toilette propre assurez-vous d'avoir de l'argent comptant .

Camping Côte Surprise 48.51058, -64.22077

followed the road up to the end. open area. looks like locals might target practice here? super quiet. t mobile 2 bars.

Becket river ish 47.80869, -121.30138

slept there in our car for 1 night, the town is very sweet and feel safe. there was no one in the houses from both sides so even when we hang the bell the to get permission to stay there was no one to answer. during the night people came to sit there 2 or 3 times but there were friendly and some left to not bother us to sleep. good spot as everybody here write before.

Mirador Vicente Guerrero 18.61292, -95.66488

Spent 5 nights here while exploring Grand Teton NP. Some sites, including ours at #45, can be difficult to back into, as they are perpendicular to the road; other sites are at a good angle for backing into. Bathrooms have running water and flush toilets but could be cleaner. There are spigots outside the bathrooms for filling water bottles, but they are nearly horizontal and they are quarter turn, making it nearly impossible to fill water bottles from them. I ended up using the drinking fountain and, though I got wet, it worked. There are 2 sewer openings at the dump station, so please pull forward past the first one to dump your tanks. This will leave the other one for the rig coming up behind you. About $25/night (plus $2/day for water, and tax). No hook-ups. If you have a FedEx package delivered here they are likely to deliver it to the post office in Kelly and drop it off there - and they don't tell you that's where it is, and the USPS will not deliver it. If it doesn't arrive when FedEx says it's been delivered, drive to Kelly and see if it's sitting on the counter top in the post office. Very spotty cell coverage. A booster helped a little.

Gros Ventre Campground 43.61246, -110.67145

Here you can get information about the conservation programme and visiting options of the HELP chimpanzee center in Conkuati reserve

HELP chimpanzee conservation office -4.79916, 11.83932

Je suis venu un dimanche et il faisait payer l entree 10000 au debut negocie a 5000 mais aucun interet le terrain n est pas droit et aucun service. Pour ce prix il vaut mieux aller a essence arenal a 3 kms plus haut qui accepte parfois un van C est tres joli avec une vue magnifique

Lake Arenal 10.43100, -84.75837

Mosquitos are really bad here! We stayed one night in a pinch but didn’t get out of our van because we saw how bad they were. A local came in the morning to walk their dog and they were in full mosquito net gear.

Waterside Area to stop overnight 44.68774, -63.24211

Super nice Couplet, we stayed one day, very friendly persona, invited us in their house to cook together. We had a very chilled evening. We also could use their WiFi.

Claudia & Michel's Mountain Cabin -32.95244, -69.27167

Nice little campground in the centre of the tourist area.
2 bathrooms with shower and toilet (one per gender)
There are some shades with the palm tree for high vehicles.
We paid 350 pesos a night as we were using our A/C. Without A/C it’s 300pesos.
The wifi is very slow but it’s better than nothing

Romanita RV Park 26.01106, -111.34104

Came here to buy some breada for our breakfast on a Sunday at 9am. The bread was very good and we wanted to come back on Monday to buy some other but it was close.
Now it’s only takeaway, you cannot sit on their little terrasse.

Pan que Pan 26.00919, -111.34425

I wouldn’t do my grocery here, it wasn’t as good as the review said. Go to Ley Super Express, it’s bigger, more fresh food and cheaper.

Benji & Audrey🇨🇭travelling with our Truck Camper IG: @on.vagabonde

El Pescador Supermercado 26.00909, -111.34574

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