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Great camping, really nice place in between apple trees

Amazing farm Campsite - Farma 47 45.38866, 19.82035

such a beautiful spot right on the water. I arrived at 8:30pm and there were a couple cars and campers. dirt road, no 4x4 needed. good verizon service. police cruiser drove by at 9:30pm, they waved and kept driving

Oacoma Flats 43.79301, -99.39232

Gravel parking lot with overlook for wetland conservation area. Parking lot not graded, easy enough to get level though. Full strength AT&T LTE.

Kiowa Wildlife Management Area 41.92484, -103.92960

This place is permanently closed.

Noble Car Wash 60.49850, -151.01143

went there on July 7th 2022, evening. Sheriff's were there, closing the road. incident that they wouldn't talk about. said would be closed for a long time.

Beach Pull-out 46.73995, -124.08200

wonderfull place! More than 20 clean an levelled Places. Wonderfull view to the mountains and the flats.You have to selfregister. 10$ for tent or camper

Dyea Flats Campground 59.50017, -135.35505

De acordo com as descrições anteriores, updated.

Posto de Serviços. Shell -25.92073, -54.57574

Nice little camp ground in Jasper National Park. Not too far from the town and just down the way from Edith Cavell road off 93A (old Icefields Parkway). Also Valley of the Five Lakes isn’t too far once you get back on 93.
Bathrooms are new with flush toilets and nice sinks with running water (hot and cold) also a sink outside the bathroom building to do dishes.
Not a whole lot of privacy as they did a lot of tree clearing to get rid of the dead pine trees that beetles got to.
Wood on site as well as a dump station and I believe water. I’m not in a motor home/camper so can’t confirm the water but I did see the dump station.
Fire pits and picnic tables.
It seems as though the park attendants drive through to enforce quiet hours which start at 11pm. But they seem to allow camp fires past that time which is cool with me!

Wabasso Campground 52.76627, -117.99113

Please delete. I created this place. Aggressive Hunter nearby.

Kriegsgräberstätte Zöschen 51.36909, 12.12069

We camp here for one night, 11 vehicles in our group. Enough flat areas to pitch a tent or for overland vehicles. Hidden from main road. Turn off from main road, drive +- 50m, then turn left on small road. There you will find this spot. Upon pitching our tents we noticed the locals from nearby village appearing all around us. Most kept their distance, but 2 came towards us, clearly intoxicated, and by their gestures we gathered they wanted booze. They were quite persistent, but we just ignored them. Luckily as soon as the sun set, they left. We enjoyed a quiet nights rest.

camping hidden from road -13.77413, 14.96014

Wilfred, the owner, is a really special guy and speaks good English. He drove me to the market the first day I arrived. When I had to go to Mbyea to buy bike parts he spoke with the bus driver for me to make sure I got to where I needed to go. 20,000 TZS for room big enough to fit bicycle

Mapelele Lodge -9.17472, 33.53929

$ 2000 la habitacion compartida, el dueño no se queda ahi, tendras que llamarlo (3764-689806)

Lavalle Hostel -27.37019, -55.90525

Parking lot for lighthouse park. No signs saying no overnight parking or camping. Quiet, picnic tables, bench. A couple of people came to see sunset then no one else. If park at back by bank of road not seen from road.

Sandy Point Lighthouse 43.69233, -65.32314

This is an old historic site, with an old courthouse, pavilion, and picnic benches, not a campground. Super quiet. Great place to spend the night. And the have electricity! All FREE. We have a 24 foot rig and fit no problem. Bigger could fit too. In order to use the electricity, there is no actual 30 amp plug in, but there is a 110 house outlet built into the floor of the pavilion. If you have a converter and park close to the pavilion. The breaker might be off, but the panel is right on the pavilion. Great place to spend the night.

Jacinto Courthouse 34.76159, -88.42688

A proper coffee shop! Not often found in Tanzania. On the main Dar to Morogoro highway at Ubena Zomozi sisal estates. quiet and peaceful. Attractive light menu and attentive staff.

Agave coffee shop -6.63624, 38.18264

Quiet place, morning sun. Do not recommend swimming or drinking the water. Fish in the pond. Steep road with a roundabout at the end.

Camp spot by a lake 58.93502, 9.30367

Stayed for 2 nights. Standard is ok, but not super clean and beds are not very nice to sleep in. They said the water was hot, but didn't try. no mosquito nets on the windows or over the bed. Paid RDF 30 000 per night. Compared to other places around it is very expensive for the quality. Safe parking within compound.

Beach Garden -1.70686, 29.26352

Landslide completely blocking the track a little north of the two other blocks of rocks already reported. The track being very narrow, about 30 minutes to turn around with a big rig (13t)! But no regrets not having looked at the info on iOverlander before, because as previously indicated the canyon is gorgeous.

No way through 39.78181, 45.62944

Went on Monday but it was closed. We later found out it was July 12th, a local holiday. Next day, still closed. Turns out they are on strike.

Summit Centre 47.50738, -52.81667

Gas station 24h, bathroom, cold shower, restaurant, big park lot, slept one night.

Barreto gas station -10.53876, -37.45046

Pretty place with enough room. it is a parking right to a popular restaurant that will run its generator from 9am to 10pm... you will get hungry from the good smell soon. Good walk on stoney beach.

St Martin's Sea Cave 45.35894, -65.52536

We stayed here to visit Persepolis. Is a small complex with 3 rooms. Our room also had a bath. AC available and sufficient for ventilation. The building is typical of the country, as it used to be, from original and natural materials. The host is very friendly, drove us to Persepolis and helped us order dinner. Alternatively, he also offered us omelets... A kitchen is also available. But there is no WiFi! Parking with 2 Motorbikes on the yard was no Problem.

Kooh Mehr House 29.92228, 52.89291

This place is a few miles off of 90. Short gravel road that takes you to a trail access. We got here around 5pm and there were two cars that were just day hikers for the day. Both were gone by 6pm. Pretty spot, but you hear the road next to it. Would stay again. Big gravel area good for dogs to run around, etc. Lots of wildflowers around too!

Sturgis Trail System S9 44.35574, -103.53571

as described. drinking water sign at the back. restrooms available

BLM office in Hanksville 38.36667, -110.71741

very quiet, slept well. can be a little scary if you arrive at night hahaha no it was perfect

BLM Hanksville 38.36688, -110.71746

Really awesome and fully legal place to stay the night, signs explicitly allow camping here. However please leave no trace, how hard can it be? One of the fire pits we parked next to had a whole trash bag worth of plastic garbage in it! We ended up picking it up. If you can’t respect nature enough to not litter then don’t go camping ffs!

Pancake Bay - Lake Superior 47.05809, -84.76210

This place is permanently closed. Looks like it is been closed for years.

24 h Parking lot 10.41988, -75.54749

Nice, shady and calm area in a side street, close to the Aqaba Fortess and the beach. Nothing special, but tidy and calm enough, when the coastline fills up with lots of "active" people ;)

Away from the masses 29.52036, 35.00236
Miss Daisy

Big rigs be aware that there are a lot of wood cutting jobs on the marked road to camp. Unfortunately this is the way we got to camp.
Big rigs should take the road that turns left near a water tower and an old toilet building. Then travel in an open area along the river to the camp. They want $ 10 per person for camping versus $ 10 for a cabin so of course we took a cabin.
The place is wonderful we stayed a few days just at camp.

Vwaza Rest Camp -11.13490, 33.64921

Lovely place and super lovely owners. John offered me a glass of delicious homemade rosé and some advice on places to visit. No problem to pay in Euro. Much more quiet and cosy than the campsite close to the border.

Kamping Kromidovo 41.45443, 23.36292

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