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We filled up fuel for our rv and ask inside for water but they said no.

Circle K / Esso 43.92069, -78.54095

Very nice and quiet place. Everything is clean and there is playground and table pic everywhere.
we spend a really nice night in this place

Lake Ontario Park 44.21858, -76.53106

Still available, clean and convenient. Thank you for this place

Sanitation dump station 43.89329, -78.66448

Great BLM campsite. We bought a night at the campground and the awesome attendant told us about this spot. So here we are.

June Lake 37.80170, -119.07087

Was like 150p for two people to sleep in our van. Kind of a weird vibe as there's all these bus and van tourismo drivers who stay there at night so it feels like camping at a truck stop in a way. Also the pool was disgusting but they started cleaning it right as we left. No shade so you need to bring some. Hard to make a judgement on this one as the price is great, it's definitely safe, and it's on the beach, but the beach has trash on it, you are in a parking lot, and the vibe is a little odd. Go check it out and decide for yourself I guess?

Fonatur Ixtapa RV Park 17.69664, -101.64671

What a endless view and great star show. Need some good side walls on the tyres and some 4x4 skill but very doable.

"Upper" campside Brukkaros crater -25.88550, 17.78247

Superb facility with free dump and water. And a lovely little village!

Rosebud dump station 51.29849, -112.94948

Still free and the libary is also nice. Not fast enough to download but checking social media, email etc it’s good!

Library WiFi 59.45763, -135.31452

Large flat gravel site with room for several vans and big rigs. The site is separated from the road by trees. Very quiet at night.

No cell service

Gravel Spot 59.50297, -135.34575

Really awesome area! Beautiful views over dozens of volcanoes and small lakes. In summer full of wild flowers. We took the route from Geghard to Azhdahak and camped there at the foot of the volcanoe. (Hike to the mountain top and crater lake about 1,5h one way - not difficult but be aware of the height: 3.600m). Then we took the northern route to Lake Aknalich and then to Gawar - beautiful offroad route! High ground clearance and 4WD needed. Doable also with bigger rigs. No phone signal.

Alongside the off-road from Geghard to Gavar 40.17728, 44.91941

Very nice place next to a trail but the Gates close at 10 pm and open later the 7 am the gard told us it could be 10 if they are short on staff.

Residential Parking 61.20082, -149.95195

Water, wastes a lot of water filling up. Make sure you pull down the first water spout to engage the second for the water hose.

Lake Hefner Marina 35.54918, -97.59829

The spot was full when we arrived but we drove further Down the Road and took the first right turn and followed the road to the end and found a super awesome spot.

Lonely place next to the lake 55.92850, 11.53677
Chris Stone

Nice sites, children's playground, no running water, pit toilets. Self registration online. Two bars of cell service.

Cache Lake Campsite 53.50554, -117.80036

Campground for rent camping, RV’s, and Vans

Tower campground 43.54360, -96.78230

In the summer of 2022, we visited this clinic after our dog was hit by a car. Lucky was in a really bad shape and in a lot of pain. Thanks to his three angels, the three women who own the clinic, after a month of almost daily treatments he’s a gain a really happy and healthy dog.

The clinic is really modern and clean. The team is really welcoming, supportive, competent and professional. Don’t hesitate a second to go there if you need a vet.

There is a big parking in-front of the door.

TrioVet Veteriner Kliniği 37.87065, 32.44737

Very clean laundromat with 2-load, 3-load, 5-load, 6-load and 8-load washing machines. You can pay with quarters (change machine available in the laundromat), credit or debit card, or The Laundry Boss app. I just used quarters because it seemed like the easiest option. A 3-load warm water wash was $4.75. Cost varies depending on size of machine and water temperature selected. Cheapest option is $3.50 for a 2-load cold water wash. There are two sizes of dryers, which I would call large and XL. Cost of the smaller (large) dryers is $0.25 for 8 minutes.

Astoria East Coin Laundromat 46.18904, -123.81652

Free hot showers! There are at least 2 shower buildings in the park. The one that we went to had 8 individual shower rooms. They were very clean and not busy at all despite the campground supposedly being fully booked. We parked outside the shower building for about an hour. Multiple park workers drove by during this time and none of them questioned us being there or using the showers even though we were not camping at the park. This park does have a day use parking fee, so you will need to display an annual parks pass or single day pass.

Fort Stevens 46.18535, -123.96623

Shortly before the Lost Place at Grabowsee is a great way to spend the night. It is advisable to visit the former lung sanatorium beforehand or the next day by prior appointment. A corresponding telephone number can be found on the Internet and on site at the entrance. Hollywood films as well as many German films and TV series have also been filmed here.

The road has very little traffic during the day and almost no traffic at night. From time to time joggers or mountain bikers come along the way. You can also go hiking in the forest here. The street offers plenty of space to stand on both sides.

Lost Place at Grabowsee 52.78120, 13.30950

Standard gas station, good place to stop. Large yard in back for large trucks.

Gas Station 46.90778, -70.70807

Great spot. We slep there one night, public toilets there too.
In the early morning a bit rush, many people came for activities.

Bow River Pathway 51.06448, -114.15208

nice place, dont know the owner. but its a old crushing plant. so i took å chance.

Riverside 60.08345, 9.11028

Cool Location! Feels very other worldly and there was no one here during our stay.

Trona Pinnacles 35.61770, -117.37403

Nice and quiet spot in the bush. Aproximately 1km away from main road. Didn’t see anybody since I got here (16:30). You could hear some traffic on main road but quite distant. Vodacom connectionevery now and then.

Camping in the bush -3.53650, 32.10617

Water is temporarily not available here. There's a sign on the faucet.

Point Michaud Beach 45.59163, -60.68085

Water is temporarily closed. there's a sign on the faucet. They didn't say when it will be available again.

Point Michaud Beach 45.59163, -60.68085

This place is permanently closed.

Carmacks, YT 62.12220, -136.25521

This place is permanently closed.

Piston Shop 18.80176, 98.99520

Nice quiet mountain top. a lot of space. no one else around. there is a fire pit.

Tillamook State Forest 45.73297, -123.41389

Small park with single campground has water source!

Smith Creek Recreation Area 40.80376, -97.32900

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