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this place is extremely run down. when we got here, we couldn't find anyone for about 10 minutes and had to wake the guard up. he took us in and attempted to charge us about $65 for a room. we asked to see it. the bedspreads were mismatched and dirty, bugs were plentiful, there was mildew and possibly black mold on a portion of the wall, the shower was broken down and the curtain was dirty. it is literally falling apart. we asked if we could pay to stay in the parking and we're told that was not allowed. the security guard/ Hotel front desk man was adamant that his boss would not allow anyone to stay in the parking lot. there was only one car here besides us. Even though it is 10:00 p.m. and we are exhausted, we left.

Oasis Colonial Hotel 13.53253, -87.43743

No problems here, didn’t see anybody. Just drove through.

Checkpoint by immigration officers 16.44630, -98.35204

Rest stop itself is decent enough. Average I guess for a rest stop. A little away from the highway but can still be a bit noisy. Car side isn’t very big. There was only one stall remaining so I lucked out since there next closest rest stop was back where I cam from

T-mobile 2 bars

rest stop on I-5 south 38.67144, -121.61152

Street Parking on the side of the street next to Wagner Park. Right next to a residential neighborhood. Other vehicles parked as well so easy to blend in. Felt safe as a single female. Stayed 2 nights.

Wagner Park 38.83307, -104.76446

Nice old colonial style hotel. Double room for 70.000. Food not super. Dog friendly

Orion Tabora Hotel -5.02241, 32.81616

I camped slightly past this site. Klondike Bluffs is a great place to stay, with views of the La Sal Mountains and red rocks off in the distance. Many other rigs around, but spaced far from one another. Pretty quiet at all hours. It's worth it to check out the Klondike Bluffs 4x4, bike and hiking trails at the end of the road. Strong and reliable Verizon signal.

Klondike Road Campsite 38.75517, -109.72820

Area just in the turn of the road (H11). Plenty of space for tent, big rig or your van. It's next to a deserted house that looks like it has been abandoned for some time. Not perfect because you can hear the traffic on the road and even see it but not bad for a night. Some friendly cows came to check on us in the morning. No other disturbances. Saw a few fireflies at night!

Hillside camp 28.20829, 82.31839

Small hotel with comfortable rooms (AC and TV).
Two en-suite (bed-)rooms share one kitchen and one big living room.
Since we were alone, we had the whole "apartment" to ourselves!
500 Pula for the double room, one of the cheapest options in town!

Thomo's Inn -19.97157, 23.46095

Large chinese supermarket which has various dry goods food items (pasta, oil etc), cleaning products, household goods like cups, pots etc. Also sells beer and cool drinks for a very reasonable price. Good place to stock up at. No fresh goods apart from eggs and long-life milk but there were plenty of veges+fruit for sale in town in the street stalls.

New World Supermercado -23.32654, 35.38209

Great, relaxed restaurant & bar which is right on the beach. Their seafood is really tasty with comparable prices, and their beers are cold! Well worth a visit if you are in the area. Right next to the local diveshop (same owners) which is also good value and nice dives.

The Safety Stop -24.07322, 35.49705

Pomene Hideaway is a gem of a find! A not insignificant 4x4 sand entrance which part shares the lighthouse road (key needed for gate).

Very well kitted out thatched compound with up to 5 rooms (en-suite) as well as kitchen and dining room space.

Fantastic manager, cleaning staff, etc who all disappear in the late afternoon leaving the place and beach to you.

The hideaway is alone on the dunes and there are decent rock pools along a 1km walk north. The tidal pool at the Pomene old hotel is about a 4 kilometre walk along the beach or a 20 minute drive back onto the road.

Good fishing off the beach directly in front and maybe even surfing also.

You need to take paraffin (showers), charcoal, drinx and food but otherwise it has all the utensils needed as well as an awesome braai area.

We were quoted standard price of ZAR1,700 per night for the entire place and it looks to be able to fit up to 10 people easily.

One of our favourite places in Mozambique and we’ve been to quite a few beautiful places!

Contact details via the website -

Pomene Hideaway -22.95415, 35.59721

I bought some eggs and asked the manager if I could stay a night and she said it was fine for a night

Walmart parking lot 38.93098, -122.61644

Nice location. Parked in back with other campers. Dumpster pick up came around 5am and was loud but for free parking here we would deal with it again.

cracker barrel 35.77657, -83.54710

Nice workshop in Mbeya.
Oil, oil filter and diesel filter changed 40.000 tzsh

Kelli Experts Limited -8.90086, 33.43442

Coming from the main road there's a small path leading to the field. There's plenty flat space for parking or camping. When we camped here the grass had many spines but we could find a good spot. Quiet during the night, small shadows from the bushes only.

Field with bushes 37.28401, 41.61012

This was the best budget option we found in Bodrum. $450TL for two people and one night. We stayed two so they lowered it to $400TL/night. This is the cash price. If you pay card there is an additional fee. Family run business, English spoken, very nice people, basic room. Roof top pool with old harbour and castle view. Restaurant on site, although we didn’t eat here. Breakfast is $95TL or $150TL for two people. Fantastic location, right on the main walking street. Parking available.

Otel Angora 37.03025, 27.43960

it isn't possible for big rigs to get to the small road leading down to the river. The river from up the bridge looks cool though!

Under the bridge -0.72112, -77.64069

If you are coming from Tena. When you detour from the main road to get this road. You have to keep in mind the road is a Jungle mountain road + road in very poor conditions loots of holes ! More than an hour to drive 60km. Beautiful scenery though!

Road Conditions! -0.73862, -77.54885

Open from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday Close) . They produced local coffee and cacao. Here you can also have a nice cup a coffee! They are supported for UE. Instagram: @witoca_coffee
pH: 0992356124 for tour let they know in advance (a few days) $10pp

Cafeteria Witoca.Lab -0.75376, -77.46814

Lugar tranquilo, los empleados súper amables, pasamos una linda noche

Axion Servicentro Chajari -30.75655, -58.01819

Really beautiful stop ! $3pp for visiting the waterfalls. You can do a bigger tour with guide of you want. We thought the first option was enough. Friendly people and you can do the walk with your dogs!

Cascadas Aguaventura (waterfalls) -0.73222, -77.37555


Vamos passar a noite aqui no YPF. Boa infraestrutura, banho quente muito bom (200 pesos por pessoa), sinal de wi-fi bom, banheiros limpos e ótima loja de conveniência. Espaço tranquilo pra estacionamento de motorhome e tem guarda a noite toda. Estamos a caminho de Trelew e o posto fica na ruta 3 bem na entrada da cidade. Ótimo atendimento dos frentistas e da loja de conveniências.

YPF north of Trelew -43.22794, -65.29994

The cleanest, well kept hostal that I have been to .
Well priced at 15000 pppn

Olate Hostal -41.86979, -73.81405

Well-located in the middle of Viedma. Clean and well-maintained. Excellent secure and covered large parking garage. Note: The foot ferry to Carmen de Patagones doesn’t seem to run on Sundays.

Hotel Peumayen Buenos Aires 334, Viedma -40.80987, -62.98994

Best coffee shop since Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Pakistan! Coffee and cake are amazing and the stsff is very friendly. Highly recommend visiting here!

Ama Café 28.70249, 77.22820

A place you can leave your car for free. We also slept one night at this place. It's not a very nice place but it works for one night. Not so far from the harbor an the city.

free parking 43.51631, 16.42662

Everything made new, not a playground but benches to sit on, water point hides behind a gabion wall

watertap next kids playground -32.59047, -69.34812

Really nice Place , quiet and good for the Night, some Lokals are here for take a bath

Puesto 'el fortin' quiet place next to Ruta 7 and river -32.68166, -69.52629

El mejor taller que he encontrado en toda Colombia, podrán ayudarle con cualquier problema de su casa rodante.
Trabajan con rapidez, eficacia y alegría.
Muchos besos Michel & Michel!!

Casarodante Colombia - Los Francés 2.61914, -76.45705

The view from this place is Wonderful! You will have a incredible view on Canyonlands! You can park or put your tent near the cliff. There is also a pit fire and lot of dead woods on the ground around. The track to come here is ONLY for 4wd with high clearance! There are big rocks and also sand.
I advise to stop here and continue by foot to go to the end of the track to go to the overlook, it is around 1.5km. Indeed the track begin to be VERY difficult with big rock steps (around 30-40cm).
The sunset and sunrise are so beautiful! Enjoy!
On our side this spot is in our TOP 5 of hundreds overland nights.
In bonus there is ATT signal.
If you need there are toilets at the overlook (1.5km).

Canyonlands Overlook 38.40384, -109.69300

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