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Francine the Travel Machine

Drove through here today (it's a Saturday) and roadworks is happening. They closed the road behind us right after we passed. Stuck behind a work truck for a bit. Ripio Is always a joy! 🤯

Roadwork -46.16397, -72.64070

We did not stay here because there is a sign stating that it is temporarily closed for renovations. It does not say when it will reopen.

Salida East BLM 38.50826, -105.96135

A very good place if you camp in vans. Parking spaces are pretty small even for a bigger van. We even got some coconuts under in trees, the coconut milk is so good!.

Jetty Park 27.46982, -80.29096

Location is correct! Barbara lives in a very old overgrown Bus.

Sew Much Hemp 16.84815, -88.27861

Bought a Texas state parks pass a few days ago which made two nights here only $30. Open wooded area with clean restrooms and hot showers. We are flying out on an early flight tomorrow and the airport terminal and economy parking is only a few minutes away- perfect!

McKinney Falls State Park 30.17521, -97.72769

As described above, truly a hidden gem. We spoke with someone who helps support the space. You do need to pay $15 if you want electricity (it’s locked otherwise). They have pit toilets available, but also a really nice updated bathroom facility with one shower in each gendered bathroom.
They also have hiking trails, playgrounds, and free firewood. We are one of very few people here (mostly hunters). Absolutely worth the stop if you’re in the area.

Alex Smith County Park-FREE (if you don’t want electricity) 33.23372, -94.01085

Nous y avons passé une nuit, très tranquille. Réveil avec la vie sur le lac, très beau. Les sanitaires étaient fermés à cause de l'horaire d'hiver. Nous n'avons pas été dérangé, nous sommes arrivés après 21 heures et avons quitté pour 8 heures, nous n'avons pas eu à payer les frais de stationnement.

Shower 45.26703, -72.15922

In the left side when come from the ferry of Puerto Yungay. Just after the exit to Tortel on your left and after crossing the bridge on your right is the entrance. We took it with both a 4x4 and a 2 wheel drive without a problem. Continue though the gras until you can turn right where there is a nice open spot at the fast flowing river. Away from the quiet road you are fully in the beautiful nature with views on the mountain and the river. And indeed there is a fire pit. I slept very well in a roof tent on the sound of the river. But when I was there in November it was cold (1 degrees) but with a sleeping back and extra covers I slept warm and as a baby.
The spot is also totally clean. No rubbish or what so ever. Let’s keep it that way. Take it all with you!!

It was good that after visiting Tortel I returned for another night. And I even had internet there!

Near the bridge -47.78014, -73.30179


A princípio as duchas são exclusivas para os caminhoneiros, mas falando com o encarregado ele autorizou usarmos as duchas quentes e o banho é muito bom. Eles tem uma cozinha grande, refeitório, que pode ser utilizada pelos caminhoneiros. Não utilizamos esse espaço, mas é limpo e tem até espaço pra paella.
Passamos a noite e o barulho dos caminhões é constante, mas nada que incomode pra dormir. Um ótimo lugar pra descansar da viagem e conta com uma excelente loja de conveniências com muitas opções e bom atendimento.

Río Gallegos - YPF -51.64124, -69.23225


A Laguna Azul é simplesmente deslumbrante! Ventos fortíssimos, mas não tem como não se encantar com toda essa beleza natural. Fizemos várias fotos e vídeos. Como digo sempre, o trajeto proporciona paisagens incríveis, então nem sempre o destino é o mais importante. Aprecie o trajeto! É a mão Deus boa mostrando o tanto que a natureza é linda!

Laguna Azul -52.10037, -69.53146


Chegamos na Aduana às 11h pra fazer o trâmite da documentação e liberar a passagem pro Chile, pra cruzarmos até o Ushuaia. Ficamos cerca de 2h e meia na fila, mas deu tudo certo. Como não vamos entrar no Chile, não foi cobrado o Soapex compatível ao DPVAT no Brasil. Pediram passaportes, CNH, carta verde e CRVL documento do veículo. Tudo certo, fomos liberados.

Argentinian Aduana Parking Plaza -52.13893, -69.51960

Cruzamos o Estreito de Magalhães na balsa em direção ao Uahuaia. Pagamos 6.400 pesos (R$ 112,00) e levou uns 30 minutos de travessia.

Punta del Gada /Punta Espora -52.53503, -69.43073


Aduana pra sair do Chile e entrar na Argentina. Pediram passaportes, papel que a Polícia do Chile deu e o CRVL do veículo. Carimbaram os passaportes com a saída do Chile e nos liberaram.

Paso San Sebastian, Porvenir, Chile to Paso San Sebastian, Rio Grande, Argentina -53.31930, -68.70937

Aduana pra dar entrada na Argentina. Tranquilo 5 minutos, só pedem passaportes, CRVL do veículo e carta verde. Carimbam os passaportes dando entrada na Argentina e liberam.

Argentina Border Office -53.29959, -68.45754


Passamos direto, não havia ninguém no local.

Police Checkpoint -53.65738, -67.93757

received "the knock" by the sheriff and asked us and an RV to leave. he stated park closes at sunset and we cannot stay there.

Franck Butler Park- West Boat Ramp 29.78882, -81.26670

As described by others. Arrived around 11p and there were many other cars and vans but still plenty of available parking. One other van arrived after me and left before me. I left around 7:30a, before most others. It was a quiet and safe-feeling night.

Street Parking 33.67548, -118.02202

Very smelly as it is a wetland area and partly swampy. Many birds and insects, humid.
Easy to reach, rather clean.
But nothing like a beach, just a flat access to the lake.

Playa grande (Marull) -30.90215, -62.76471

By the Güejar River-
Bird watching
Crowded on long weekends

La Resevera 3.34161, -73.94147

Good station. Churrasco ok. Quiet at night, showers and toilets ok but bring something to close the door. Good wifi too

Total Petrol Station -3.26363, -44.39333


DAKAR MONUMENT 2015 CHIJLLAVINTO -19.35398, -67.18171

Not bad for 1 night. Small town. so not much options. 20 blvs per person per night.
Nice lady, we come on motorcycle.

Think we where the first people here since the pandemic.

She had to prepare the rooms. But no issue. Very Very basic. A bed in a room nothing more.

Alojamiento -19.36178, -66.86181

Just a big gravel lot. Free. Metal railing surrounding it. A big dumpster by the entrance. No water, bathrooms, or electric. There are big rocks all over the place so be mindful of them. All cars are fine if you take it kinda slow.

Chosa Campground 32.08844, -104.43186

Ótimo wild camping, bastante árvores e sossegado.

Camp in the trees -31.43891, -68.65762
The Flyway Effect

TONS of parking here. There had to be 15 rigs all spread out when we arrived on a Friday evening. That being said no one is on top of each other. It was all very spread out.

We struggled to find the entrance so to ensure that doesn’t happen o anyone else:
Once you turn off the main road you’ll drive across a rest stop like area with big piles of gravel. Directly in front of you there is a fence. Follow the fence all the way to the right and you’ll find a cattle guard to cross over and onto the BLM land.

No 4x4 necessary. No high clearance necessary. We drive a 25’ school bus and managed with ease.

The stars here are AMAZING.

Gunsight Wash BLM Area 32.24023, -112.75310

Tons of great spots around here; I don't remember exactly where we stayed. There were quite a few people on a Saturday, but still plenty of room to find privacy. The sunset and stars were both amazing, even though you could still see the highway.

Wild Heart, AZ 33.46240, -113.05529

Don‘t try any of these parkings here!
Stayed on home depots parking. At midnight Security and Police came by and asked to leave immediately.

Canadian Tire 48.80150, -123.71863

right off of 112 just outside of Neah Bay. there is access to beach, make sure tide conditions are favorable. even though right next to the road very quite. the ocean sound quits everything.

DNR land down by the beach 48.33200, -124.49070

The road in is pretty bumpy. There were few cars that passed down the road throughout the night. Quiet and clean overall.

Desert stay 24.70805, -111.55912

We arrived on a Saturday night and enjoyed such a quiet evening. We loved the fact we could grill outside too. Five minutes to the main plaza the next morning. Just perfect!

Calle 16 parking 5.63653, -73.52054

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