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Great beach location. Actual spots with tables for about 8 vehicles, but many more can be accommodated. Bathroom is essentially out of commission, no water. Lots of dogs, but they are nice.

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85262, -72.80049

Good spot to get close to elephants. Staff friendly. The place looks a bit tired. In need of some maintenance and new energy.
Fine for an overnight stop.

Elephant Sands Lodge & Camp -19.74897, 26.07107

Its 24 km from town to here. After maybe 2 or 3 km the washboards start. We turned around after 7 km because we had the feeling this would continue for the other 17 km. The road can be done by any car but be prepared to be shaked around.

Mirador Serranía de Hornocal -23.19748, -65.19341

Great place. Not sure what happened to the last commenter but the host Dan is about as friendly as they come. Still $20 for dry camping, $40 for non-member serviced site (no sewer), $30 for members.

The dry camping area is beside a graveyard that is part of the jeep tour, it can be a bit annoying and repetitive when they roll in beside you and repeat the same info. This is mostly on weekends, definitely quieter through the week.

Sedona Elks Lodge 34.86089, -111.78064

As described a great place to stay and recoup after a hot drive. We were delayed by several days and kept moving our arrival date but Brad promptly answered all whatsapps. Ruth and Brad are great hosts, know the area well and give excellent travel advice. Fishing excursions, fishing equipment on offer and plenty of free fishing knowledge! The view over the lake is stunning. Small campsite but has everything you need. Clean ablutions with hot shower heated by donkey boiler. Basic comfortable chalets and 2 tents as well. Well stocked bar and they also serve delicious homestyle meals. 3 en-suite chalets and tents. We stayed for 2 nights but if time allowed we would have stayed for longer.

Chibila -15.77720, 26.00685

Drive up to sibebe resort and the hike becomes basically almost flat and 2 hours return only. 60 rand pp including hiking fee and resort fee. You dont need a guide find the route on maps me

Sibebe hike -26.23192, 31.18573
Céline Chicoine

Best place To stay overnight, just à minit walk from Beale st. Where wonderfull shows go on. The only with your crédit card at the post not to the guy who help you to park your van.. He'll ask you to pay cash for the parking plus tip...😂 he got us in his tricky way to help...part of the story !!! Si cost us double fée but even worth while To stop there

Tri State Bank Parking (Beale Street) 35.14036, -90.05424
Clay Lucas

dump station with flush and fresh water fill

land between the lakes dump station 36.77139, -88.06075

We spend 4 nights here and it was wonderful! Its very easy to go into the city (by bus)~ 30min. Kitchen, bathroom everything clean. Matis and his mother were super nice. His beer delicious. Cool fireplaces for bbq. We really enjoyed our stay there! 1000pppn with electricity and good wifi.

Las Casitas -24.63443, -65.38722

we spent a night here but it was friday night ans it was very noisy during the night. furthermore, could be very windy.

Playa Union -43.32281, -65.04741

A good place to overnight bevor the ferry back to Puerto Montt. THe campgrounds in the pumalin park were closed. This was a very goo alternative.

Chaitén Eco Camping -42.90234, -72.71884

Spent one night here. We asked for permission first. A little noisy as there are lots of trucks coming and going all night. It was okay for one night.

Valero 28.86378, -97.89516

It's true. Probably the best mechanic on the continent, but definitely the most dedicated we've met on our travels.

Wr were up on 3800m in San Antonio when we got a leak in break fluid pipe down by the wheel. Local mechanic up there couldn't fix it and even made it worse. We found Guillermo on iOverlander and called him. He talked with the local guy up there and suggested how to close off that leaking pipe at the ABS system and it worked. We safely got to the valley. Without that we'd have to get ourselves towed down.

Then, even though he was very busy, saw us the very next morning and with his brother worked the whole day just on our brakes and got it fixed.

We're still in touch and check up if everything is in order.

I'd really recommend Guillermo for really anything that you have to get done, as he speaks English, is very friendly and dedicated and will fix but any gear you might have (check his Instagram, it's cool)!

Do note that he charges by an hour (not per job). For my opinion, it's a fair price.

1/4 de Milla Car Servis -24.80637, -65.41638

ON Route Odessa, the service centre is open 24 hr, 7 days . With free WIFI, and washroom, Tim Horton's...

ON Route Odessa 44.28380, -76.65722

This is a compact and free campground along route 15 on the way to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. There are about 8 sites. There are fire rings with grills attached, picnic tables, pit privies, and bear-proof trash containers. You have to cross a shallow rocky stream to get to the campground. We had no trouble crossing it in our Promaster van with AT tires. The stream also makes lovely sounds. There is ample firewood around. Rather shady among tall pines, so you may not be able to get a good solar charge. Excellent place to stop on the way to or from the cliff dwellings.

Cherry Creek Campground in The Gila 32.91401, -108.22511

Small clean rooms with fan and AC from 6k to 10k Naira. The cheaper ones have running water, but only bucket shower. Generator is on 6pm to 6am.
No food, but cold beers and soft drinks available.
Centrally located, with food places and money changers as well as a supermarket in the area.

Hilltop Lodges 4.96208, 8.32925

We stayed here for one night without a problem. Police patrolled during the night but didn‘t seem to bother.
We had a quiet night even though it was a friday:)

Informal campsite on beach 10.29580, -85.84500

Nice place with a great view over Magellan Street and an amazing sun rise if the weather is good. Few pit toilets - are very dirty and a lot of barbecue spots. For one night close to Punta Arenas it’s a very good option.

Chabunco -52.99886, -70.82107

Really nice campground and a friendly owner. The only downside is that we were not allowed to fill the watertank in our camper. Wifi is only in front of the reception but there is good seating. It is in walking distance from a big supermarket.

Camping Casas del Valle -22.45926, -68.91711

Called Sam’s, and they said they don’t allow overnight rv parking

Sams and Home Depot 40.40624, -105.06170

The road was "blocked" by water, so we stayed right at the entrance. At night a crazy guy came by in his car shouting while he was passing.

End of small road next to river -39.06169, -72.17821

The place looks really nice - behind the YPF, an closed area with barbecues, tables, water and energy. But now they are charging 1500 pesos 😳
We parked on the other side of the station, in the parking lot itself - we fuel our tanks and consume at the station, and yet the owner of the station came to “charge” us for spending the night there and said if we didn't leave would call the police 😒

O lugar parece realmente agradável - atrás do YPF, uma área cercada com churrasqueiras, mesas, água e energia. Porém agora estão cobrando 1500 pesos 😳
Nós estacionamos do outro lado do posto, no próprio estacionamento - abastecemos e consumimos no posto, e mesmo assim o dono do posto veio nos “cobrar” por termos passado a noite ali e disse que se não saíssemos iria chamar a polícia 😒

ACA San José de Jachal -30.23853, -68.74107

Nice place for a night. Beautiful sunset. Close to the road but quiet at night. No trash

camping cangrejo -49.59125, -72.26450

Camping is abandoned... still a nice place... lots of Palm tree. We have been here 2010 an it was then not anymore in a good shape. So it's kind of wild camping
we paid 50N$ pppn

Onganga campsite -18.25527, 13.31239
[email protected]

Stayed here for one night. No one bothered us and it was quite. Some trash by the lake but not to bad. There is a bathroom that you can walk to during the day

Level grass land by lake 19.83598, -100.40922
[email protected]

Stay here for one night, quiet no one bothered us. Cannot easily be seen from the road but you can hear when people are driving by. Some horses came up to eat grass during the night

Open Parking lot at front of Huingo Balneario 19.90754, -100.83060

This spot is along a MapsMe track/tracks leading to the big dunes. It begins at the same point as the track to the Kaluts. You drive on a flat gravel plain, like the one to the beginning of the kaluts, till you reach the dunes. There is not always a clear track to follow, but just follow the same direction as the track on MapsMe and you will get there. It is a rather dull drive for about 90 km but it is a possibility if you just want to make a dune loop or wish to shorten your loop back from the Kaluts and Luts Eye.

Track to dunes 30.68935, 58.84155

definitely a coll place to camp for a night or two... especially if you are on an adventure bike. though I didn't see anything a car couldn't make it through if you went slow. if you take the spot right by the creek and it storms, keep an eye on the water levels. I had about 2 feet of bank height before I would have had to move my camp in the middle of the night.(;

Forest stream spot 35.77116, -92.93371

Small clean laundromat for $3.25 wash and $0.25 to dry

Cañon street laundromat 32.72133, -117.23116

We spent 3 nights here. The spot is beautiful at the water's edge and very clean with no trash. Spot near the Los Pozones thermal.

next to the creek -39.20002, -71.59574

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