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Nice little Café where we had several times a really good breakfast. The stuff is sometimes a little reserved but the food is great. You can also use their Wi-Fi.

La Kinta Café 18.67626, -88.39071

We stayed here 3 nights as well and nobody seemed to care. The police drove by servals times and didn’t say anything.

no street camping in Bacalar 18.67632, -88.39077

Best place to stay in Mendoza. It is the second time we stay here, always friendly and helpful.

Walking distance to centre.

With clean toilet and potable water from the tap.

would come back again and again.

Parque Central Mendoza -32.88357, -68.84633

we only had lunch here but it must be quiet in the evening too. the island is very pleasant and there are several possibilities of spots to sleep.

view of the Mekong 11.96353, 105.44786

The road to the Verdon Valley. Pine-shaded meadow. You can hear cars during the day, but at night there is little traffic so it's quiet. We pitched a rooftop tent and spent one night undisturbed.

JABRON 43.72350, 6.50519

Didn’t sleep here but have a nice shaded playground

Toconao Plaza -23.19060, -68.00727

It was closed today… so we camped in the wild on our way there.

Okanyofi Guesthouse and Campsite -17.75157, 15.96008

Its a nice place - we really enjoyed swimming in the cool river! Had a quiet night. No shower and the toilets not so good.

Left the car during day to go to Semuc Champey. Took a collectivo both ways. They drive like crazy, but it was an adventure! Don‘t bring to much valuables, there were some guys strolling around. A lot of „interviews“ where we are from and they are like „oh rich germans…“ .

There are many rude tourguides around. Get really close and don’t go away. They were joking about us, because we cooked our own food, which they didn‘t like. They want you to go to restaurants.

They also offer „tubing tours“ for 100 Q pp. Its just a 1 hour swimming down the river - you could rent a swimming ring for 10Q pp and do it on your own.

Lanquin - Grutas 15.58042, -89.99056

Water tap on the side of the road. Pretty good flow. Don’t know if it is potable though, we only used it for thé shower !

chanpaccocha -13.65079, -73.29898

Nice spot to take a break and spend the night. Quiet and nice. Felt really safe with the policemen patrolling nearby.

Plaza de arma, Julcamarca -13.01439, -74.44494

Remember to bring your own wood, own toilet paper, your own sink plug, own braai grid. The shower water is only tepid and the site generally not maintained. Might as well camp wild.

Kanaan Lodge & Campsite -25.84519, 16.15781

absolutely beautiful, wow.

i am not gonna camp and continue on but that's a great place to camp amazing surroundings

Santiago Apoala 17.64562, -97.14390

around 22 US dollars (~500 pesos in 2023) for a room with two beds with bathroom

or 20 dollars for a private room with bathroom outside

working wifi

parking secure

next to the turism office

they allowed me to pay 20 pesos to keep my belongings while I was hiking as I didnt wanna sleep in this town but wanted to continue

also allowed me to use toilets and showers (for 20pesos)

La casa de mi abuelita 17.64562, -97.14390


though the canyon was even more worth it for me, definitely check it out as well

Cascada 17.64727, -97.14354

Still there, still lovely! There’s a tree for shade and the ground around the tree stayed less muddy than other parts when storms came in!

Huge and hidden pull out in laterite 6.70512, 11.78553

They wouldn’t take Nira or CFA so we went to the main fruit market area in town by the petrol station and we’re taken to a money changer in the market who changed both, and USD. Also got a SIM card from the kiosk opposite the market

express exchange 6.74932, 11.80787

A tap outside a house with black gates that we attached our hose to fill our tank. The community were very friendly and said there’s plenty of water.

Community water point with tap 6.42043, 11.57162

When I went to sleep around 11, I didn’t see other campers, though people may have been in other areas of the parking lot. Around 5:15am, a truck started sweeping or spraying the lot. It was pretty loud, especially when backing up. This was early Monday morning, and I don’t know if it’s a regularly scheduled thing, but definitely not possible to sleep through.

Walmart parking lot 41.48435, -112.03025

posto de combustivel BR com ótima estrutura completa e um pátio grande de estacionamento. passamos uma noite e não foi barulhento. bem seguro.

Posto de Serviço. BR Zandona -26.35741, -48.85912

Endroit tranquille, bien situé, près des restaurants à pied. Un peu de trafic avant minuit mais rien pour empêcher le sommeil.

Walmart Cedar City UT 37.65494, -113.08671

Free potable water located just outside the toilet block next to the outdoor shower. Good flow, no hose.

Jackson Flat Reservoir potable water 37.00781, -112.51697

The lake is nonexistent, but it was pretty out there! Beautiful sunset through the clouds. We arrived during a wicked rain storm and had some worries with the road up to it. 4WD will be your friend through the mud, be weary if you don’t have 4WD. It was very serene though, had some neighbors, though everyone was quiet. Could smell the cow farms from there, which was harsh. The toilet was good, I got ambushed by a swarm of moths at the door and at the toilet, it was quite hilarious. Something out of a horror movie hahahah.

Verizon had 1-2 bars of signal
ATT had 1-2 bars of signal

It would go out every so often though

Would definitely come back here if passing through.

Hamilton County State Lake 38.02813, -101.81727

Todd and Erika run a really cute brewery. Beer is great and the atmosphere is fun! Todd invited us to park here overnight. Really nice guy with lots of great information! Don’t miss this brewery!

Bellinghausen Brewery 32.09128, -116.57422

Like many RV parks in Sonora, this one has small spaces that are close together. Hookups worked fine, we had 30amp service. We used this park as a transitory stay for one night.

Nothing wrong with this RV park, other than it's not our first choice of styles. It was clean, and everything worked.

Close proximity to the beach is nice.

Totonaka RV Park 27.96412, -111.02450

Nice and free canyon. We arrived at 4pm on a Sunday and didn’t had to pay anything. Spend the night there for free too.
Little 4G with +Mobil


Nice and free canyon. We arrived at 4pm on a Sunday and didn’t had to pay anything. Spend the night there for free too.
Little 4G with +Mobil

Cangilones de Gualaca 8.54338, -82.29979

Thanks for the heads up. After having my fish lunch (20bob) on the way back from torotoro I asked about the camping. It's only 15bob a night, 10bob more to use the crystal clear pool. Really good value and nice people. I decided to chill all afternoon and use the pool and sun loungers.

Camping at restaurant -18.06351, -65.75517

We fill up our water tank from our camper and our water tank to drink it for free.
And we didn’t get sick ;)

Waterplant Los Ladrillos 8.79941, -82.45169

industrial area, small parking of a 2.5km trail
quiet in the evening, no signs forbidding overnight parking

KP trail parking 44.27027, -76.52925

update May 2023: we only made it half way up with our 5,6 meter long Sprinter. the way up is newly made until where we got. We walked the remaining part and got rewarded with a great partially rebuild inka ruin village. there was no one there to collect the 7s entrance fee. the hike further up the mountain on an old inka path is gorgeous

Parking lot Huchay Qosqo -13.35958, -71.95013

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