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Very good place to stay. Good restaurant (kitchen close at 6PM). Kencho,the boss very friendly, his stuff, too. great view to volcano CONCEPCION. stayed 4 nights. Good music ar the restaurant and super cold Toña Cerveza (50C).

El Peru - Camping in Restaurant/Bar Parking Lot 11.46366, -85.56411

we stayed over the night and it was very nice. we parked our van inside of the picnic area, so we were hidden from the street and had some shadow in the morning. can recommend!

Pintados -20.62247, -69.63639

Runs in January. 60 for a Land Cruiser 100 with a roof tent.
There is a sign with a working time 6:00-11:30 and 12:30-18:00, but we were the first, together with a truck at 7:00.

Car Ferry Pantanal -19.25861, -57.23519

Nice mainly flat
Said no semi’s but one was parked in the lot
Rv spots in the back

Cracker Barrel 31.29734, -94.72949

cheap propane, really nice staff! also sell fried chicken.

Texaco at corner of Joy Lane 34.99764, -114.59748

The biggest update is that now they require you come between 5 - 0 days before your expiration date. I came 10 days before and it was too early, they changed the policy and I had to wait for several days in Santa Ana to go back and get my stamp.

You need just one copy of your passport, page in passport with Guate stamps, license, and other primary docs.

The obvious things you need:
-a “sponsor,” basically any ES citizen who can “vouch” for you. I asked my hostel owner. You need a copy of their license front and back

-also need a copy of your reservation of the place you’re staying in Santa Ana

They did not keep my passport but asked that I return several days after to get the stamp.

Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and an Uber ride from downtown was $2.

Also, I crossed the Honduras border, they asked about the ES stamp but were fine with it, I didn’t have any trouble.

Migracion - Visa Extension 13.97812, -89.56938

Also, I did not need proof of funds or any passport photos. They do take a photo of you while there as well as your finger prints.

Migracion - Visa Extension 13.97812, -89.56938

Place for filling up gallons even in the winter. Very close to one of the parking lots. Walked the distance 5 times to top up tank. No hose attachable and no way to back up the van to this

Water in Winter 35.97376, -112.12681

5 dollars a gallon today. Plus California tax.

Love’s 35.61662, -119.65840

Bel endroit un peu difficile d acces par la piste mais ca vaut le coup la vue est magnifique. Tres bon accueil sanitaire corrects A 4000 m s est froid la nuit. Prendre son pass pour rentrer dans le parc avant si on veut y aller. A faire !

Cabanas Kanwara 6.47250, -72.35417

Amazing spot! There’s other vans nearby but not too close, so it feels really safe. The location is perfect, and I have 3 bars with Verizon. 10/10, will stay here the whole week!

Klondike Road Campsite 38.75252, -109.73021

Nice camping friendly staff. Clean toilet and shower. Yes unfortunately the music is loud and bad but stops around 22:30. 150 Quetzales per night is top limit......

El Vagamundo Camping Antigua 14.54578, -90.72903

Excelente lugar, acorde al precio. Habitación doble cómoda. Buena atención, excelente ubicación.

Hostal El Espanol -34.47230, -57.84653

Loved this spot!

Stayed for a night and felt super comfortable and private.

Street Parking at Holiday Inn 48.23681, -114.33640

Very quiet when I was there, to the extent that I think I was the only guest. Did mean that my dorm was essentially a private room though.
It has become a little run down and didn't seem good value for the 12000 I paid, though I'm not sure there are many other budget options around this area.
I was told by a random local guy (who wasn't trying to sell me anything) that there have been muggings on the corner between here and Hideout/Hay Day, so be aware of that if you're stepping out.

Mabuya Camp -13.99910, 33.75974

This is no longer really a feasible option. Grassy area belongs to a newly built restaurant and is now walled and gated off. I managed three nights alongside the wall near the dock, then the police came and said it wasn't permitted (and threatened to clamp me if I didn't move right away!) - attempt at your own risk! Boondocking is non-trivial around the lake, outside of Panajachel..

Embarcadero to Santiago Atitlan 14.69238, -91.26761

Estacionamiento muy cerca del centro y playa del Camboriú, tiene agua y luz. Nos cobraron 70 reales por vehículo, permiten pernoctar dentro del Motorhome, el encargado es muy amable. Es un lugar espacioso, ingresamos con un Motorhome tipo Omnibus. Calculamos que aprox. tiene 400 metros cuadrados el lugar.

Place near of the center of the city and de principal beach. Have electricidi and conection Whater.No shower and not bathrooms. The owner is very frendly.

Estacionamiento -26.99505, -48.63245

Place still accessable 24.01.23. No shade but small hills do protect from morning and evening sun. No MTC signal. Street visible far away but just a small pice.

Near Solitaire. -24.06593, 15.97711

Buen lugar para parar, 24 hs abierto, wifi anda bien, algo ruidoso nada más

Ipiranga Sorocaba -29.33080, -49.78500

good and basic hotel good for one night,Hot shower + toilet but no sink in my room - the owner told me Single room for 80Dh - fixed price

Hotel El Ghazi 27.94241, -12.92533

A large gravel pit off the road. Small vehicles are able to get out of sight from the road. Quiet. 3bars 3G sometimes 1bar 4G telcel. Large rigs will fit but will be visible from the road.

A hole 19.34924, -100.29331

Not 80 pesos anymore. She wanted to charge us 150pp to use the facilities. I asked her how much it would be to take just one shower, as that's all I needed and she wanted to charge us 100pp....We didn't use, we went to hostel mondala.

hostal shalom 15.86128, -97.07797

We spent one night, very noisy. People and trucks pass all night. Clean bathrooms and minimarket Pronto 24 hours.
Pasamos una noche, muy ruidosa. Gente y camiones pasan toda la noche. Baños limpios y minimarket Pronto 24 hs.

Copec - Pronto -37.54676, -72.30975

Great tour. 30 cedis per persons. Definitely worth it!

Adanwomase 6.81155, -1.47629

Actually 40GHS pp. tour is not that long, maybe 30 mins if you stretch it. Nice people although seems a bit overpriced compared to the visit in the other village. « Scarf » was at 100GHS.

Ntonso - Art stamp 6.82932, -1.51841
Melanie Guillaume

As described. They charged us $200 mxn per people and asked for $100 for electricity. We didn’t pay for it but that’s probably what they will ask in the future. The previous descriptions of the showers were not exaggerated. There are simply amazing.

Kadekaman Hotel & RV Park 27.64638, -113.38535

Bought a new propane tank and had it filled here.

True Value Carolina Beach 34.04024, -77.89564

Unexpected find, nice restaurant, friendly owner and good cheap food. Restaurant had no sign outside but was open.

Restaurant Blanco Bianchi -21.12102, -70.12416

In the Top Gear Bolivia special they drove down this sand dune. Junkyard below, not sure there is a relationship.

Altos Los Verdes -20.43060, -70.14378

description is ehat has been said in any other comments, I Will just add That the ownwer came to see us, asking when we are leaving, we were just about when he asked.... He tolerates campers, but said That unfortunayely, some people leaves the place in a bad shape.... Thats a shame.... RESPECT is important fellowes... For People that sees the message, it is still ok to enjoy the place for the n'est year but the place might change eventually said the owner...

Parking near pompano Beach 26.23069, -80.09907

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